ТЕРАПИЯ послеродовых патологий у первотёлки. THERAPY postnatal pathology at cows.

Diarrhea is a characteristic feature of rumen acidosis interdigitalny necrotic dermatitis metritis multimodality therapy rumen acidosis therapy the drug: B12 butafosfan L – Carnitine 25 ml into a vein 5 days calcium gluconate in 300 ml vein 3 days Metacam 25 ml 100 kg 1 day 20 ml subcutaneously caffeine 3 days 15 minutes prior to infusion into a vein 33% ethyl alcohol in a vein 400 ml 3 days 40% glucose

300 ml of the day into vein 3 alcohol mix with glucose or saline solution of sodium bicarbonate and sodium lactate 500 ml 3 day in vein preparation: sorbitol, sodium lactate, glucose, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, magnesium chloride, vitamins, arginine, lysine, methionine, glutamic acid, 250 ml of the day into vein 3 hexamethylenetetramine in 100 ml vein 3 days soda 100 g orally with 05 liters of water for 5 days 4 times a day recovery endometritis therapy preparation: oxytetracycline, furazolidone, gentian violet, benzalkonium chloride, dimethyl sulfoxide recovery interdigital necrotic dermatitis therapy my ointment antibiotic ceftiofur in 5 days heals 5 more days recovery Thanks guys


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postnatal depression

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