👶🍼Staying fit while pre or postnatal – Should you exercise?🍼 👶

its what its is about what It takes about 8 takes to get ready we haven't even started yet neither have you right whats happening guys its James and Emily down at the locker fitness in reddish and this week we are coming at you about pre and post natal exercise I'm no expert on this Emily is so she is going to take over so I'm just going to stand here and look awesome So the first topic is is in regards to exercising while pregnant you get a lot of people saying as soon as you get pregnant you should stop exercising because its dangerous but why would you not want to keep your body strong and healthy while you are pregnant i think the most important thing to think about # go on go on the most important thing think about is to just listen to your body if you are in pain any discomfort obviously that is not good so you should stop just make sure you have got sign off from your doctor so what you are saying is keep exercising absolute just listen to your body alright that its guys make sure you like share and comment on this video because everybody knows a pregnant person that wants to stay healthy


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