10 parental errors that we must try to avoid If your child is secretive and lacks trust, it may be because of your high irritation limit If a child is irritated and irritable, it may be due to too little attention

She just does not know any other way to stand out If your child is often jealous and shows envy, it may be because you too often compare her with someone else If your child is very shy and indecisive, it is probably because you often help him with things that he can solve himself If your child does not respect others, it is probably because you say what to do without taking into account her feelings If a child is in common, it may be because they follow the example of their parents or another family member If you give her everything she wants but she takes the stuff from other children, you probably do not give her the choice to choose If your child is lying to you, it may have reacted too violently to an earlier mistake she made If your child can not stand up for himself in difficult situations, it is probably because you criticized him while others were around You should never do this, even if there are only brothers or sisters around This is why it is so important to see that your child is unique and to consider their wishes You're going to play the violin! But I love drawing No, your mother knows best what you need! 18 years later No job, no hobbies, why are you so lazy?


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