101 Things My Kids Have Taught Me: Lesson 98

98: Girls Love Shoes From The Moment They Can Walk

Admittedly, I’m currently going through a huge purse obsession. Mainly because they are the only articles in my wardrobe that I know will fit come summertime. Purses don’t come in sizes; one size fits all and that’s what I need right now. However, what girl doesn’t love a great pair of shoes? Or in Charlie’s case, ANY pair of shoes? She doesn’t discriminate on size, gender, or color. She simply loves shoes. She ALWAYS has to be wearing them – even if we’re just lounging around the house…or at the beach. Usually it’s not a problem. Her feet don’t touch the ground much when we’re out, so her shoes stay in good shape for a while. Around the house, she’s content with slippers. She likes to sit in our mudroom and go through all of our shoes. When I tell her we’re leaving the house, she runs to the mudroom with joy and picks out what shoes she wants to wear. Today however, we went to a kids’ gym where shoes are not permitted, but socks must be worn. When we got there, I changed her into a pair of slip-proof slippers and put her shoes in the cubbies with every other kids’. About ten minutes later, I found her sitting by the cubbies playing with all of the shoes! When I say ‘playing’ I really mean, trying on, reorganizing, smelling (yes, SMELLING!), and throwing these shoes around the gym. Every other kid was content on the jungle gym and running around burning steam (the reason we were there), but Charlie found a whole lot of shoes and was in heaven. I should have known she’d do that. She can’t help herself; she just loves shoes like every other woman.


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