26 Weeks | Prenatal Exercises & Braxton Hicks?

Week 26 guys! If you saw in the last video I did say that we just moved into this new apartment that we'll be in for about six months and then we will move again so right now this room that we're in is kind of the office/music/everything, we have our little baby corner with the little baby stuff that we have so far Let's get right into baby development for week 26

It says that the baby's eyes, which have been closed for pretty much this whole time, are now starting to open and they're starting to blink and because of that the baby can actually be more responsive to light I haven't noticed anything myself in regards to if the baby's kicking more if it's light outside or not, but apparently the baby can tell and then recognize when it's light versus dark which is pretty cool The baby now is about 14 inches tall which is the size of a bowling pin That is huge! And it weighs about 2 pounds Now for me, this week nothing too much has changed

I guess there were several things that I wanted to talk about I have not started to get Braxton Hicks yet, at least I don't think so I know that they can start happening anytime though now Last weekend we went to the movies with Nate's family and for about 30 minutes straight in the theater my stomach tightened and it felt like just a really, really bad cramp in my lower stomach and I thought at first that it was Braxton Hicks, but I know Braxton Hicks doesn't last that long I mean, it was consistent for about 30 minutes and it got so bad I eventually had to lean over to Nate and was like, "I gotta go

" So I went out and just walked around the back of the theater for a little bit and tried to stretch out That did help so I was able to go back in That has been happening more recently where it's like if I'm sitting down for too long and if I get a cramp I know that I just have to walk it out and move Another thing that's been kind of odd these past several days is I've been wanting or craving milk Like I just want a bowl of cereal and I want to drink the milk or chocolate milk

Even Nate has commented I think yesterday and said that he noticed I've been drinking more milk than he has, which is very rare The last thing that I wanted to talk about for this video was prenatal exercises Everyone talks about how much exercise is good for the baby and in preparation for labor and as I said earlier I've definitely noticed that the baby doesn't like to sit down that much So even just walking around, you know, getting active, the baby definitely likes that, but I'm much more of a dancer I don't necessarily like to do all the weights and hardcore gym stuff

I like to dance it out What I have been doing is just finding YouTube videos and I'll do a video a day, whether they're 15 minutes or 20 minutes The ones that I like right now are the Denise Austin ones and then the ones with Heidi Murkoff, who wrote the "What to Expect When You're Expecting" books Those are the videos that I've been watching right now, that I've been going through just trying to get moving and make sure that my body is still fit (not that it ever was fit in the first place), but that's what I've been doing If any of you are watching this right now that are pregnant or have been pregnant and have specific prenatal exercise workouts or routines that you really like, please let me know in the comments because I would love to give it a try! That was week 26, short and sweet

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