28 Weeks Pregnant – 28 Weeks Pregnant symptoms and Baby Position & Fetal Development

28 Weeks Pregnant Baby position and fetal development This week, you can start building a bond with your baby through talking and singing, and you’ll have certain tests to check your health at this point in the pregnancy

Find out what else is happening to your baby and your body at 28 weeks How big is my baby at 28 weeks? Your baby’s as big as an eggplant this week, at two and a half pounds and nearly 15 inches long from top to toe She’s also getting ready to meet the outside world, settling into the proper position for birth with her head facing downwards What’s my baby doing at 28 weeks? You haven’t met your baby yet, but it’s not too early for you and your partner to start bonding with her Whether you’re singing along to the radio, gossiping with friends or just chatting away to yourself, your baby will be able to hear it

In fact, the sound of your voice will help to calm her – studies have shown that your baby’s heart rate actually drops when she hears your voice Bless! Encourage your partner to talk to your bump too – it’s a great way to start fostering a bond between them Your baby’s eyes are also more developed than ever: she now can not only blink her eyes, but also enjoy fluttering the lashes that have recently grown Her eyesight is so good she may even be able to see light filtering in through your womb She’s also started dreaming of you: brain wave activity measured in foetuses shows that babies in the womb go through different sleep cycles, including the REM phase, when dreaming occurs

What is my body doing at 28 weeks? Hooray – you’ve made it this far and you’re now in your third and final trimester! You’ll start visiting your doctor or midwife more than ever at this stage, every two weeks, changing to every week once you get to 36 weeks pregnant There’s be plenty of tests to do now, from blood tests for HIV and syphilis, to tests for glucose tolerance You might also be experiencing tingling leg pain, also known as sciatica As your baby moves around to get ready for birth, her head may decide to rest on the sciatic nerve in your lower spine, leading to some less than pleasant sensations for you: shooting pain, tingling or numbness in your buttocks and the backs of your legs While the feeling can pass if your baby moves positions, it can also stay with you until childbirth

Try resting, warm baths, stretches or a heating pad to help with the pain 28 Weeks Pregnant Is How Many Months? When you hit the 28-week mark, you are six months pregnant This week, you’re embarking on both your seventh month and your third trimester Can you believe you’ve made it this far?! 28 Weeks Pregnant symptoms Trouble sleeping

As you get closer to your due date, you'll likely have more and more trouble (which stinks, because you’re beat!) It could be hormones or nerves—or both!—causing your inability to snooze Shortness of breath Baby continues to crowd your lungs and diaphragm, making it tougher to catch your breath Give yourself permission not to push too hard and to take breaks

Aches and pains The third trimester can be really uncomfortable due to hormone fluctuations and the toll pregnancy is taking on your body (We’re especially talking to you mamas who are 28 weeks pregnant with twins!) To deal, do yoga, stretch, swim, walk Try wearing a maternity support belt if you’re on your feet a lot It can relieve some of the pressure that’s making you so achy

Braxton Hicks contractions These practice contractions might be getting stronger, more noticeable, or more frequent as your body gets ready for labor Keep an eye out and be sure that the contractions are only occasional If they’re regular and continue getting closer together, and don’t stop when you switch positions, you could be in preterm labor and should call the OB ASAP!


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