3 Things to Know During Your Last Trimester of Pregnancy

What to expect in your 3rd trimester.

What Are Some of the Physical and Emotional Changes a Mother Experiences in the Third Trimester of Pregnancy?

You will probably be feeling a lot more tired as the changes in your body drain your energy and you have difficulty sleeping at night. By now, your body has become big enough to make it difficult for you to sit up and get up without help. You are also probably experiencing severe back aches, swollen feet, and problems maintaining your balance; and when you look in the mirror, you see someone whose looks are quite different from before you were pregnant. Since these symptoms will be with you during your third trimester, you shouldn’t spend time complaining about them. Instead, embrace these physical changes as a sign of the new life you are about to begin and enjoy and take pleasure in your fertility.

Along with the physical changes, you may also be experiencing some troubling emotions. You may feel that you don’t matter and that it’s all about the baby. If you do feel as though you are secondary to the baby, it’s important to express these feelings to members of your support group, like your husband, mother or friends. Talking about this issue will help you realize that this is just that final concentration of effort, on everyone’s part, to be sure everything is ready for baby’s arrival.

Some mothers experience impatience for the end of pregnancy. The third trimester will probably seem to drag on because you feel uncomfortable and you are anticipating holding and loving your child.

People can occasionally make callous remarks during the third trimester of pregnancy, such as “I bet you can’t wait until you’re done,” or “Do you think you’ll ever lose all that baby weight?” Be prepared and don’t let them get you down.  They really think they are being helpful, so accept the remarks for what they are – well intentioned but somewhat insensitive.

How Can You Relieve the Anxiety You May Be Feeling During the Third Trimester of Pregnancy?

A pregnant mother in her third trimester.

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The best way to overcome any concerns you may be feeling is to focus on your baby’s arrival and your life together. Start by talking to the little child inside you and tell him/her how excited you are that they are coming and all of the plans you are making. Now is the time to plan how you want your baby’s nursery to look and to begin creating that environment. Listening to soothing music and reading will also help relax you.

What should you be doing to get your environment ready for the baby?

Here is a checklist of items to prepare before your baby is born:

Detergents – Products that are specially manufactured for baby use are expensive. Instead try using a laundry detergent that doesn’t contain perfumes or dyes and can be used for the whole family’s laundry.

Car seats – A rear-facing infant car seat is designed for babies from 22 to 35 pounds and from 29 to 32 inches long. This is a better selection for your child’s first year of life because the baby will fit more snugly and it is lighter to carry.  It will also protect your baby’s little body better in the event of an accident.

Breast pumps – Choose a model that can easily be disassembled for cleaning. Also be sure that if you use an electric model, you can control the degree of suction.  Some hospitals now rent very high end pumps for a fraction of the cost of purchasing one.  Since you will only need it for six to twelve months look into renting one.

Formula – If you do intend to use a formula instead of or as a supplement to breast milk, choose one that meets the FDA guidelines.  We recommend formula that:

◦     Has no high fructose corn syrup

◦     Contains hydrolyzed whey for easier digestion and less food allergies.

◦     Contains DHA and ARA for brain development.

◦     Contains oligosaccharides for proper digestion and nourishing the best bacteria in your baby’s intestine.

◦     Read the formula labels carefully for all these items. This is your baby we are talking about.

Clothes – Look for hypoallergenic fabrics and clothing designs that don’t contain buttons or other items that can become loose and can be swallowed.

Mobiles – Purchase one with bright colors and moving parts that will stimulate the child.

Room fans – A 2008 study found that having a fan in a baby’s room lowered the risk for SIDS by 72 percent.

The last trimester of your pregnancy is an exciting one. You’re ready to just get the baby out and enjoy being a parent.  But be sure to take these pregnancy tips into account when getting ready for the big day!

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