5 Pregnancy Facts That Are Just Weird

Is it True That During Pregnancy, There Are Some Unusual Changes To The Mother’s Body?

The answer to that question is “yes.” During pregnancy, the mother’s body experiences unusual alterations as a result of the shift in hormone levels. There are some weird pregnancy facts about a few of these changes you may not know.

Is the Brain Affected by Pregnancy?

Yes. There is a condition called “pregnancy brain” that causes pregnant women to become increasingly more forgetful as they enter the second and third trimesters. In 2010, a group of English researchers conducted a study to test pregnant women’s spatial memory, which is the ability to remember where objects are located, for example where you left your glasses when you took them off. There were 23 pregnant women and 24 non-pregnant women who participated in the study. The researchers found that during the second and third trimesters, the pregnant women were significantly more forgetful than the non-pregnant women when they were given spatial memory tests.

Does a Pregnant Woman’s Body Have More Blood Than When She Isn’t Pregnant?

The answer to this question is also “yes”.  When women reach week 20 of their pregnancy, they have 50 percent more blood than before they were pregnant. The excess blood comes from the addition of more blood vessels that will be needed to help your baby grow and develop. The extra blood also causes some weird pregnancy symptoms like the glow that pregnant women have, which results from increased blood circulation to your skin.

How Can The Excess Fluids Accumulated During Pregnancy Affect My Hands?

Pregnancy can affect your gums

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Edema, or the accumulation of excess fluids, makes up about a quarter of your weight gain during pregnancy. A weird pregnancy fact associated with this symptom is that it might cause you to experience carpal tunnel syndrome, a weakness in the hand accompanied by numbness and tingling. Gravity causes a large amount of fluids to gather in the wrists when your hands hang at your side.  The fluid presses the nerves in the hand it can cause carpal tunnel syndrome.

How Does the Increase in Estrogen and Progesterone Affect My Gums?

Some pregnant women find that their gums bleed when brushing or flossing. That’s because the gums fill up with excess blood, creating little sacs where the blood remains pooled. Sometimes the gums may bleed even when the pregnant woman isn’t brushing. If you find that there is a substantial amount of bleeding, see your dentist. You may be experiencing a condition called periodontitis, severe inflammation in the tissues that support the teeth. This condition is associated with an increased risk for preterm labor.

Is it True That a Pregnant Woman’s Nose Swells?

Once again the increased levels of hormones in your body can cause the inner lining of your nose to swell, which lessens the area where air can circulate within the nose. This can cause congestion, bleeding and snoring. Saline nasal sprays can help decrease some of these symptoms as can nasal strips at night while you sleep.

Pregnancy presents women with a great deal of new challenges. Your body goes through many changes, as will your life after birth. The babyQ app will help you throughout your pregnancy and make your pregnancy easier, especially if it’s your first time. Download the app today and start getting personalized tips, straight to your smartphone.

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