60 Seconds with SPRI Fit4Mom Postnatal Kettlebell

Hi I'm Farel with Fit4Mom and now that your children are of the age where they're running and jumping and playing we want to make sure that your strong to keep up with them and that your strong enough to have that kind of sense of your core that when they're moving away from you, you've got a solid core foundation when they're close to you, you've got the same solid core foundation so what we're going to do is try to replicate that in this exercise with the kettlebell it's going to be two kettlebell swings with one arm overhead press that one arm overhead press is deliberate because it throws the body off just as it would if you were holding your child on one side or the other so the very first thing with the exercise is stand about hip width apart hold onto that kettlebell with both hands roll those shoulder blades back and down come down into your squat and as you come up the hips drive the movement into two kettlebell swings come back down do one overhead press let's try another down into that kettlebell swing drive with your hips arms are secondary take it up, other arm, overhead press and this really will gear you to take care of those crazy children


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