60 Seconds with SPRI Fit4Mom Postnatal Spongeball

Hi I'm Farel from Fit4Mom now that you've exited out of that fog of newborn phase in your life it's time to start focusing in on some really structural or functional movements namely pelvic floor engagement allot of moms that come back to exercise after having a baby might deal with some level of incontinence so we're going to do an exercise that's going to help strengthen your lower body but it's also going to help engage pelvic floor your going to take your sponge ball and your going to get down in what's called the Chair Pose Squat so put the ball between your knees and then squeeze your knees so that you create tension and strength in your inner thigh which also secondarily strengthens your pelvic floor your going to come down into your squat, weight is in your heels and extend your arms overhead which strengthens the back as well as you come out of that squat, squeeze your glutes and thighs and squeeze that ball together come back down into your squat and stand back up down into your squat and stand back up you've accomplished allot in that squat lower body engagement and pelvic floor


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