60 Seconds with SPRI Fit4Mom Postnatal UltraToner

Hi I'm Farel with Fit4Mom and now that your out of that new born haze and fog of your life now you get to chase around toddlers whether your baby is nine months, two years their active, their crazy, their wonderful and so we want you to have a really strong body so that you can care for these children and have fun and play with them well that requires balance doesn't it? and usually with some level of load or your baby, your child something that is pulling you or pushing you in either direction so what we want to do is create an exercise where your going to challenge and strengthen your lower body but it also has an element of balance as well so that you can be prepared for those moments your going to take your ultra toner and your going to put it around one shoe and then around the other and go ahead and create tension between your feet and turn to the side so you can see this is a combination movement first, we're going to go into a hamstring curl and then your going to go into a glute squeeze hamstring curl glute squeeze again, progress it so that you feel this right behind your thigh and then you shift it to feel it right there in those glutes great lower body strength wonderful balance challenge


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