60 Seconds with SPRI Fit4Mom Postnatal Xertube

Hi I'm Farel at Fit4Mom and now that your children are getting older is becoming probably really clear to you how much tax they put on your body how much as they get older and older and your carrying them every way that you do that your body is pulling you forward now really almost every motion in life can lead to poor posture but especially motherhood because as we're carrying these children who get bigger and bigger every single day and we're moving through our world, it's going to naturally pull our shoulder blades forward let's be real, most of our life happens here in the front of our bodies so this exercise is going to help reverse that it's going to help reverse what life is trying to do to you what motherhood is doing to you so we're going to take this exercise and also combine it with some great lower body strength your going to take your Xertube, and anchor it on a very safe, sturdy anchor making sure it's not going to go anywhere put a handle on each hand and go ahead and just start a reverse lunge alternating sides so you've got some great lower body strength as you pull back into a row in this row it's not just about the arms though make sure your squeezing your shoulder blades together reversing what motherhood is trying to pull your forward in taking it back once more, and that's a great way to help pull your body back into alignment


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