Abortion, Not Prenatal Care at Planned Parenthood

In a telephone conversation with Planned Parenthood: "Oh, we do not provide prenatal care" "We do not provide prenatal care at Planned Parenthood

" "Planned Parenthood does the abortion, so it does not provide prenatal care" Planned Parenthood claims to be a woman's healthcare absolutely necessary, because Prenatal care

In this type of service, people rely on Planned Parenthood And the president, who will fight for prenatal care Prenatal care, that's what we want to focus on It is absolutely necessary So we contacted Planned Parenthood across the country, and asked for prenatal care from them

And we found this Tempe, Arizona Thank you for calling Planned Parenthood, am ****, what can I help you with? Hello, I was hoping to arrange a meeting on prenatal care Because of what? For prenatal care Care for pregnancy? We do not provide prenatal care Planned Parenthood does an abortion, so it does not provide prenatal care

All right, so just abortions Yes Athens, Ohio Unfortunately, at Planned Parenthood we can not provide no type of prenatal care Fort Collins, Colorado We are not a provider of prenatal care Albany, New York No Planned Parenthood provides prenatal care

Farmington, New Mexico We do not provide Planned Parenthood prenatal care We specialize in abortion That's why we're doing ultrasound tests to find out how far she's a patient Elizabeth, New Jersey Planned Parenthood deals birth control, contraception, and the like – artificial interruption of pregnancy We do tests for sexually transmitted diseases, but we do not do prenatal care

Cornell, New York We will let you know that you are pregnant, and then we will offer you an abortion at Planned Parenthood Okay, okay All right? So we do not provide any prenatal services No prenatal

Merrillville, Indiana No, we do not do prenatal services I know we call Planned Parenthood, which can be a little misleading Boise, Idaho Do you have a nursing-gynecology department here? No we do not have Oh, you do not Not

Oh, okay But is this misleading naming? Or, if you were considering an artificial interruption of pregnancy, we can do that Virginia Beach, Virginia Managing Planned Parenthood while waiting for a call: Did you know that Planned Parenthood can take care of it o All your reproductive health needs? Whether it's a preventative tour, pregnancy test and counseling, prenatal care, We provide high quality services for cheap money Thank you for your patience I am a ****

How can I help you? Hello, here **** I would like to know if you are providing prenatal care? No, not at the moment Nor is our branch in Hampton and Richmond doing it either Council Bluffs, Iowa We do not provide prenatal care And is there any other clinic you could help me with? I do not know any

Try searching the internet Albuquerque, New Mexico Try Care Net, I think, that they do prenatal care What Net? Yes, it is the first building here on the boulevard Fayetteville, Arkansas We only offer a view service family planning and abortion services Fairbanks, Alaska No more at Planned Parenthood

Okay, so in no Planned Parenthood do they have prenatal care? Properly Santa Fe, New Mexico We do not go to pregnant women from the point of view of providing prenatal care Okay We are giving to pregnant women, you know when considering other options What other options do you mean? Why would I go for a doctor? Are you here with us? Yes Here abortion doctors do Dallas, Texas What services do you offer during pregnancy? We only offer artificial interruption of pregnancy Bend, Oregon We do not really offer prenatal care

We are not authorized in Oregon or Washington Cincinnati, Ohio And some of Planned Parenthood Not

We do not offer any prenatal care We contacted 97 facilities from all 41 Planned Parenthood subsidiaries, and only five subsidiaries provided prenatal care Sign the Planned Parenthood cancellation petition For wwwlifenews

sk translated by Miroslav Čonka


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