About panorama prenatal test

Congratulations on your childbirth! Nater is our goal to provide you with essential genetic information Your child is already at the beginning of pregnancy The Panorama test can detect whether your child is having a simple blood sample the risk of most common genetic abnormalities, and identify the child's sex already in the ninth week of pregnancy

The panorama test is not invasive You only need a blood sample for this Your arm, which means that there is no risk to the child When the sample reaches our laboratory, we use the high level bioinformatics technology to detect DNA chips from a child's placenta DNA is then analyzed to find some genetic abnormalities If the result is a low risk, your child is unlikely to be ill, which is searched for by the Panorama test

If the results indicate a high risk, we recommend that you meet with a geneticist and further research to determine if your child has a corresponding illness The panorama test can not say 100% accuracy, Whether your child has a definite illness, but it is able to assess certain diseases the likelihood of occurrence and also the sex of a child You can do a panorama test regardless of your age and the progress of previous pregnancies Ask for more information about the Panorama test visit your doctor at the next appointment or visit wwwpanoramatest



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