Active for 2: Meet your pregnancy yoga coach, Clare Maddalena

When you combine breathing and movement, what you create is a moving meditation My name is Clare Maddalena

I'm a yoga teacher and founder of LushTums, a yoga community for mums and mums to be Since we opened our doors in 2007, we've taught thousands of women pregnancy yoga, postnatal yoga, and birth education A few years after I started teaching, I got pregnant with my son It was then I began to realise how amazing yoga was for pregnancy Just having the space to relax switches your nervous system into a different setting which allows you to flourish and improves well-being

It's gentle on the joints It can get your heart right up It can help with heartburn and indigestion, tiredness, and the emotional ups and downs that we often feel in pregnancy Yoga is also a great opportunity for pregnant moms to take time out to connect with their baby And of course the breathing techniques and yoga movements we practise in class become key tools women use whilst giving birth

To help more expectant mums get active for two with Aptaclub, I've created three easy to follow yoga videos, one for each trimester So no matter where you are in your pregnancy, you can follow a gentle yoga routine from the comfort of your own home Join me and join the movement that's helping more expectant mums get active for two


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