Active for 2: Pregnancy yoga workout for trimester 1

(Calming music) Welcome to our Active for 2 yoga practice for the first trimester Give yourself enough time to do all the practices and create a bit of space by laying out your mat, or if you haven't got one, just a few blankets

Have some water nearby, and if you feel dizzy or it's uncomfortable for you, just stop It's important you listen to your body Before we get started on the moves designed for your stage, we'll be getting our minds and bodies ready with some breathing and stretching exercises When you're ready to begin, get yourself in a comfortable seated position, perhaps using a pillow under your bottom, to help you lift your hips so that they're higher than your knees 'Easy' pose is a little bit like cross-legged, but instead of crossing the ankles, we're gonna bring one foot in front of the other, so you have more of your leg on the floor

Once you're comfortable here, turn your hands up, and bring the first finger and thumb to lightly touch, lengthening the other three fingers away And then just rest the hands on the legs If you have SPD or PGP that's affecting your pubic bone, just keep your legs straight out in front of you or kneel with the pillow under your bottom When you're ready, close your eyes, and gently bring your chin down a few degrees Take a few moments here just to settle yourself as you prepare for your practice

(Heavy breathing) Take a few deep breaths in and out And as you exhale let your weight go down onto the ground (Heavy breathing) Can you feel just a little bit more heavy? (Heavy breathing) Relax your shoulders, your jaw, and let any tension in your body ease away So we're gonna practice breathing deeply into our belly We call this our birth breathing practice

It's amazing for when you're having contractions, and it's really useful just to help calm you down and help you drop into your yoga practice So you can place the hands on the tummy in a lovely little heart mudra, and as you look down, when you breathe in, the fingertips will come away from each other And then as you exhale, they'll come back together again So when you're ready, inhale into the tummy, and then exhale (Heavy breathing) Take a deep breath in, and exhale

(Heavy breathing) And if you have low blood pressure, you don't need to breathe quite so deeply, as that might make you feel faint Start to slow the breath down Breathing in through the nose (heavy breathing) And sighing out through the mouth It can be really helpful to imagine you're sighing on a mirror to steam it up

(Heavy breathing) So the noise really comes from the back of the throat, gently compressing Practice this for another minute or so Maybe closing your eyes And just allowing your whole system to settle before we begin our practice So to begin our practice, we're gonna do a few warm ups

We're gonna start in the pelvis Bring the hands onto the knees and so some gentle circles here Take a deep breath in and a deep breath out Keep lengthening the spine up tall (Heavy breathing) And just see how this feels deep in the hips

When you're ready, change direction Inhale again, and exhale (Heavy breathing) Good, just keep a lovely rhythm with the movement and your breath Changing the feet around just to work the hips on the opposite side, and we'll repeat Inhale, and exhale

(Heavy breathing) Deep breath in, deep breath out You can go ahead and close your eyes and just get into the movement Pausing to change direction, taking another inhale, and exhale Well done Moving on to the shoulders, you're gonna just do a few shoulder rolls here just squeezing the shoulders up to the ears, taking them back, and dropping them down

Inhale, squeeze, and exhale, release (Heavy breathing) Lovely, well done So moving the spine is gonna help energise us all the way through our pregnancy And then exhale and just tuck the tailbone under, bringing in the head, and then inhale, just opening the chest Exhale, curl under, and inhale open the heart

Take a deep breath out, and a deep breath in (Heavy breathing) Warming up our ankles and our wrists Take your legs out in front of you, and then inhale, bring your arms up over your head Gently bend the knees, and then go ahead and circle the feet and the hands Take a deep breath in, and a deep breath out

(Heavy breathing) Really lovely just to get the circulation moving and to wake us up a little bit before our practice Inhale again, and exhale (Heavy breathing) When you're ready, pause and change direction Taking another breath (Heavy breathing) In and out

When we're finished, just bring the hands back down and relax Give the head a little sway from side to side just to release the neck Exhaling and relaxing your shoulders, letting the weight of the head feel really heavy If this feels good, you can turn this into big circles Inhaling as you bring your head up, and exhaling as you release down

Just do a couple in each direction (Heavy breathing) Looking back down at your tummy, bringing your head up, and then bringing the feet back in to release Place your left hand on the knee, first finger and thumb lightly touching, and relax your arm We're gonna move into alternate nostril breathing Look at your right hand

Bring the first three fingers all the way down, and then as you look at your hand, close over your left nostril with your little finger You're gonna take a really big deep breath through the right nostril, and if you've got a cold just take your time (Heavy breathing) And then close over the right nostril with your thumb, and exhale down the left Inhale back up the left side, (Heavy breathing) and then exhale down the right Once you've got the rhythm, inhale back up the right, go ahead and close your eyes

Exhale down the left Inhale left, and exhale right If you're feeling tired, this will help energise you Keep going, making sure you breathe back up the side you just breathed down So as we inhale, feel the breath come all the way up one side of the body into the skull, take it across to the other side of the skull, and exhale all the way down the other side of the body

Keep going with this, just listening to your breath Taking the biggest, slowest, deepest breaths you can This is a very grounding breath that settles any anxiety or stress, and can be really helpful for all stages in pregnancy Keep going for another few minutes And when you're ready to stop, just exhale down the left side, and allow the hand to rest on the knee, bringing the first finger and thumb to lightly touch

Take a breath there (Heavy breathing) And notice how you feel Well done So moving on from this, let's get a little bit of energy into the body Take the hands out to your side

We're gonna inhale and bring the arms all the way up over the head, and as the hands meet, exhale them down through the heart So a very grounding pose Inhale, lift them up, exhale, draw the hands down the centre line to the heart And again, inhale, lift up tall, lift up through the ribs, and then exhale Deep breath in, and deep breath out

So during a time of lots of changes, it's really lovely to find a grounding practice that's nourishing where we can just take some time out to relax and connect in with our bodies Take one more breath here, and exhale back to centre Carefully unfold the legs, and we're going to turn around into kneeling So pressing into the hands, bringing the toes together and the knees apart And resting on your pillow

You might want to put your pillow between your bottom and your feet So that the knees just a little bit apart and the toes touching So sitting up really tall, we're gonna bring the hands onto the shoulders, and keep the elbows as high as the shoulders and then draw them together in front of you Take a deep breath in as you lift your elbows up and back, and then exhale fold them back together So the tips of your elbows are making little semicircle movements

Inhale open your chest, and exhale open your back Deep breath in, and deep breath out So already in kneeling we're working on helping the digestive system We can often feel quite nauseous in the first trimester, so this is a really nice way for helping the whole digestive system work really well Good, do a few more here, taking a huge breath in and opening the chest, opening your heart

Last one And just release the arms down Do a couple of shoulder rolls here, release the head, and take a breath Bringing your heads back up onto the shoulders, we're gonna do a little backstroke movement with the elbows, this time full circles We're gonna do three on one side, looking behind you as you bring the elbow all the way back

That's it, you've got it Inhale up and back Lovely big circles When you're ready, we're gonna change sides Inhaling forwards and exhaling the elbow behind you

Take some lovely big circles on this side, just opening up across the chest, breathing in, making a bit more space And when you're ready, doing one elbow and then the other Finding a rhythm with your breath, inhaling up, and then exhaling the elbow under, well done When you're ready, bring the hands back down, give the shoulders another little shoulder roll, and relax, take a breath Next we're gonna bring the hands up over the head and clasp the hands

Paint the ceiling, imagine you're holding a paintbrush in your hand, and we're gonna do lovely big circles here with the hands and the upper body This is again really amazing for digestion, just to help everything move through the system So use your breath, breathe into your ribs Careful not to lean back too far And if this isn't great for your neck to look up, you can always keep the chin level

Take a really big breath in and a really big breath out, and make your circles as big as you comfortably can When you're ready just pause, and we're gonna go the other way Inhale and exhale So often when we change direction in yoga, the other side can feel a little bit awkward, so just smooth it out as best as you can Use your breath

Concentrate your focus, and keep your mind nice and quiet When you're ready, come back to centre and drop the arms back down by your sides So we're gonna make a little bit more space now, moving into side bending Place one hand on the floor next to you, and then inhale, lift your other arm up and all the way over your head, making a lovely arch to the side Exhale, bring the hand back to the floor

Inhale, lift up on the other side all the way to the sky and over, and then exhale, gently sway the arm back down Inhale, lift up, finding a nice rhythm with your breath, and exhale down Deep breath in, all the way over, and back down Good, a couple more on each side, really breathing into the space between each and every rib And really bringing the hand all the way over as far as you can

When you're ready, we're gonna hold it on one side, look up towards the ceiling if that's okay for your neck, and take three breaths there (Heavy breathing) Think about relaxing your shoulders down and drawing the arm back into its own socket, and just a little bit of reaching out to the fingertips Chin in, just ever so slightly just to protect the back of your neck One more breath, and exhale your hand to the floor Inhale the other side, all the way up and over, as far as you can and then comfortably hold it, drawing the arm back into its socket and then taking three lovely big deep breaths into that whole side of the body, just using your breath to make some space

When we make space, we're gonna help our digestion Well done Bring the hands back down Taking the hands to your lower back, bring the elbows and the shoulders all the way back, and sit down into your sitting bones Try not to arch your lower back, but do lift your heart up to the ceiling

Look up slightly and take some lovely big breaths into your heart Breathe in anything you need a little bit more of today You might need a bit of energising, a bit of clarity, some grounding, or calm Whatever you need, just breathe it into your heart, (Heavy breathing) and let your chest open One more breath here

And release your hands back onto your thighs So from here we're gonna move down onto our bottoms And bring the legs out in front of us That's it So we're gonna place the right foot on the floor, taking it a little bit away from the other leg, so you've got quite a bit of space between the foot and the knee

And then just sitting up as tall as you can, hook your elbow around the knee, and hold onto to opposite elbows Giving your baby a gentle hug against the inside of your thigh, bring your left hand back towards your face, and then take a lovely big breath into your belly Just massaging the side of your tummy against your thigh Exhale when you need to, and then inhale again And exhale

This is another great breathing for digestion Just really getting all the organs in the tummy a little massage on that side of the body And helping with peristalsis, the flow of food through the body, through the digestive system One more breath here (Heavy breathing) And then when you're ready, bring the left hand down behind you to prop yourself up

Look over your left shoulder, and take a gentle twist with your upper spine Then breathe deep into your belly Good, inhaling and exhaling, relaxing your shoulders, and just looking softly at point behind you on the wall or the floor That's lovely, one more breath here And then gently come back to centre, and we'll undo the legs and repeat on the other side

So bending the left foot in, keeping a lovely bit of space between the knee and the foot, and hooking the knee with the elbow, holding onto opposite elbows and rolling your shoulders down and back Now take your lovely big deep breaths into the tummy And feel that little squeeze on that side of the body Inhale, and exhaling (Heavy breathing) Good one more time

We're gonna take the right hand down behind us just to prop yourself up, and then just looking out over your right shoulder finding a gentle twist with your upper spine Bring your right toes back towards you just to wake up the leg, that's it, and take a few deep breaths here Inhaling, getting taller, and exhaling, gently allowing your rib cage and your heart just to come into that twist ever so gently Keep your tummy soft One last breath

And come back to centre Crossing the legs back in front of you, and letting your hands rest lightly on your tummy, well done That was a great practice, well done To wrap up we're gonna move into Shavasana And during pregnancy, it's really nice to do this lying down on our left side

So take a pillow, and fold it up to place between your knees And then carefully manoeuvre yourself down onto your left side Using another pillow, support your head Once you're settled and your bump's comfortable, just rest here Closing your eyes, and taking a few final long sighs, to relax all your muscles and melt onto your mat

Stay here for as long as you need, and when you're ready to move and come back up, just do so gently and slowly Thanks for doing the Active for 2 trimester one yoga practice It's recommended you repeat this two to three times a week Once you reach 15 or 16 weeks and perhaps feel less exhausted or sick, then try trimester two video This is when we usually feel like we're blooming and have lots of energy again

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