Active for 2: Pregnancy yoga workout for trimester 3

(Gentle music) Welcome to our Active for 2 yoga practise for the third trimester Give yourself enough time to do the practises, and create a bit of space, by laying out your yoga mat

Or if you haven't got one, a few blankets Have some water nearby, and if you feel dizzy or it's uncomfortable, just stop It's important you listen to your body Before we get started on the moves designed for your stage, we'll be getting our minds and bodies ready with some breathing and stretching exercises When you're ready to begin, get yourself in a comfortable seated position, perhaps using a pillow under your bottom, to help you lift your hips, so that they're higher than your knees

Easy pose is a little bit like cross-legged But instead of crossing the ankles, we're gonna bring one foot in front of the other, so you have more of your leg on the floor Once you're comfortable here, turn your hands up, and bring the first finger and thumb to lightly touch, lengthening the other three fingers away And then just rest the hands on the legs If you have SPD or PGP that's affecting your public bone, just keep your legs straight out in front of you

Or kneel, with a pillow under your bottom When you're ready, close your eyes, and gently bring your chin down a few degrees Take a few moments here just to settle yourself as you prepare for your practise Take a few deep breaths in and out And as you exhale, let your weight go down onto the ground

Can you feel just a little bit more heavy? Relax your shoulders, your jaw, and let any tension in your body ease away So we're gonna practise breathing deeply into our belly We call this our birth breathing practise It's amazing for when you're having contractions And it's really useful just to help calm you down and help you drop into your yoga practise

So you can place the hands on the tummy in a lovely little heart mudra And as you look down, when you breath in, the fingertips will come away from each other, and then as you exhale, they'll come back together again So when you're ready, inhale into the tummy, and then exhale Take a deep breath in and exhale And if you've low blood pressure, you don't need to breathe quite so deeply, as that might make you feel faint

Start to slow the breath down, breathing in through the nose, and sighing out through the mouth It can be really helpful to imagine you're sighing on a mirror to steam it up (breathing) So the noise really comes from the back of the throat, gently compressing Practise this for another minute or so Maybe closing your eyes, and just allowing your whole system to settle, before we begin our practise

So to begin our practise, we're gonna do a few warm-ups We're gonna start in the pelvis Bring the hands onto the knees, and do some gentle circles here Take a deep breath in, and a deep breath out Keep lengthening the spine up tall, and just see how this feels deep in the hips

When you're ready, change direction Inhale again and exhale Good, just keep a lovely rhythm with the movement and your breath Changing the feet around, just to work the hips on the opposite side, and we'll repeat Inhale and exhale

Deep breath in, deep breath out You can go ahead and close your eyes, and just get into the movement, pausing to change direction, taking another inhale, and exhale Well done Moving on to the shoulders, we're gonna just do a few shoulder rolls here, just squeezing the shoulders up to the ears, taking them back, and dropping them down Inhale squeeze, and exhale release

Lovely, well done So moving the spine's gonna help energise us all the way throughout pregnancy We're gonna exhale and just tuck the tailbone under, bringing in the head, and then inhale just opening the chest Exhale, curl under and inhale open the heart Take a deep breath out

And a deep breath in Warming up our ankles and our wrists Take your legs out in front of you and then inhale, bring your arms up over your head Gently bend the knees and then go ahead and circle the feet and the hands Take a deep breath in, and a deep breath out

Really lovely just to get the circulation moving, and to wake us up a little bit before our practise Inhale again and exhale When you're ready, pause and change direction, taking another breath In and out When we're finished, just bring the hands back down and relax

Give the head a little sway from side to side just to release the neck Exhaling and relaxing your shoulders Letting the weight of the head feel really heavy If this feels good, you can turn this into big circles Inhaling as you bring your head up, then exhaling as you release down

Just do a couple in each direction Looking back down at your tummy, bringing your head up, and then bringing the feet back in to release So moving gently from sitting into all fours, come into mermaid and lean into your hands and press up onto your knees Keep your knees underneath the hips And the hands are roughly underneath your shoulders, maybe a little bit more forward, and then bend your elbows just slightly back towards you

This will help protect your wrists Spread the fingers wide Let your feet rest on the floor, and keep your back as level as you can Then take a deep breath in and start to circle forward over your hands and exhale, move your bottom back over the knees Find your birth breathing, taking deep breaths into the belly

Breathing in through the nose, and out through your mouth We're looking for that slightly noisy breath as you sigh from the back of your throat Let your head and bottom move in time with each other, and just soften your tummy to give your babies lots of space This is a wonderful position for helping your baby into an optimal position for birth Where they can rest in your tummy with their back against your belly button

When you're ready, just pause and start to do your circles in the opposite direction, taking that deep breath in as you come forwards over your hand And then exhaling as you roll back Take a big breath out as you move back and then circling in a figure of eight, as if you were drawing the number eight on your mat with your nose Let your shoulders and your head and your bottom and your spine all move fluidly And we're gonna just slow it down a little bit, inhaling as you go forwards, exhaling as you go back

Now really feel the pattern of this movement, and without thinking about it, just pause and change direction Let your body lead the way Trust your body Take another breath in and out And when you're ready, coming back to centre

We're gonna move into a rest So toes towards each other, knees wide, and settle yourself down, bringing your forehead to rest on the floor and lengthening your arms out in front of you Once you're here, take another big sigh, but this time, breathe out as if you're blowing out through a little straw, held in the mouth So you're making a little circle with your lips Just breathe in gently

And then blow out the longest exhalation you can As you rest here, think and feel the word relax with every exhalation If this feels too much for you, you can always rest your head on your hands Just place one hand on top of the other, and rest your forehead there Take another breath

And alternatively, if you're bump's feeling a little bit squashed, and you need a little bit of height under your head, stack one hand on top of the other, making fists with the hands This is a nice little den that you've made for you and your baby You're creating a private space for you to rest, and this might be something useful you could do in between your contractions So next, inhaling as you place your hands on the floor, start to roll yourself back up, and come back into all fours Just bending your elbows a little bit to protect your wrists

Inhale, take your right foot and step it to the outside of your right hand And then start to circle your right knee towards the big toe, out to the little toe, and back to the heel If you've got SPD or PGP that's affecting the public bone, just continue to practise circles with your bottom instead, keeping both knees on the floor Once you've got the knee moving in the right direction, send your intention, your focus, to your bottom, and let your bottom initiate the circles Keep it fluid and smooth and if it's too much, make your movements slower or smaller

Take another breath in and another breath out And just keep your elbows a little bit bent, and your shoulders down and back, and your eyes softly looking at the floor When you're ready, pause, press into that foot, and bring it back behind you into all fours Take a breath here And then when you're ready, big inhale, step your left foot forward

Just gently turning the toes out, and then sending the knee to the big toe, out to the little toe and back to the heel So this time, the knee is moving in more of an anti-clockwise direction Once you've got that direction, send your focus to your bottom, and just do lovely big circles with your bottom Notice where you're feeling this in your body and send your breath into those sensations Use your exhale to connect down onto the ground

Take a big inhale when you feel like you need a bit more energy Take one more breath And come back into your all fours, well done Next, we're gonna come down onto the forearms Have your elbows underneath your shoulders, and just start with a few little circles here, just to really help massage your shoulder blades

Just circling the shoulders over the elbows Perhaps drawing in the chin a few degrees to lengthen the back of the neck Keep softening your tummy and sending your lovely big birth breathing breaths into the tummy When you're ready, do some circles in the other direction And keep inhaling and exhaling, finding a flow and a rhythm with your breath and the movements

We're gonna have a little rest next in half puppy pose So lengthening your right arm out in front of you, press your hand down onto the floor And take your left elbow just out to the side, so you can place your forehead on the mat Glue your right hand down onto the floor so it's not gonna move, and then just lean back, just a few millimetres into your bottom You'll find you get a lovely stretch all the way down the right side of your body, through the shoulder and into the waist

Really helping just to create a little bit more space in this third trimester Take a big breath into your back, making space all around your lower back and just helping take the weight out of the pelvis just for a moment Giving your pelvis a little rest Take one more sigh here as you relax completely And then when you're ready, just gently change the arms around

Remember to glue the left hand firmly down And once you've placed your forehead on the floor, just lean back ever so slightly into your bottom Breath into that stretch from the hip to the hand And make as much space as you can with the breath Inhale, feel that sense of expansion, and when you exhale, relax and settle down onto the ground

Take another breath in and out Well done Inhaling, coming back onto your forearms, find a place where you can rest With the elbows under the shoulders and your forearms on the floor Bring the chin in a few degrees and we're gonna practise some pelvic floor exercises here, and move into a breath called cafetiere breath, so that you can get more familiar with your birthing muscles

Start by inhaling and gently engaging your pelvic floor muscles into the body Just about three out of ten in strength And then exhale, release Inhale, gently draw up through the pelvic floor, give your babies a little hug with your tummy and exhale, soften It's really important that we really focus on the exhales and the release in the third trimester, so that we make lots of space in the pelvic floor

So next, what we're going to do is inhale, light squeeze, exhale release, and then hold the muscles where they are, whilst you breathe into your shoulders and your ribs Then on your next exhale, have a sense of bearing down into your pelvic floor So we're really getting familiar with our pushing muscles Inhale again into the upper body, exhale, you'll find you've made a little bit more space to bear down even more So we're, rather than turning our pelvic floor muscles into a cafetiere, and with every exhale, we're just taking that plunger and bearing it further down and further down, and on the day, this can help you push your babies down and out

Take one more breath here And gently release On an inhale, press your hands into the mat and come back up into kneeling This time, we're going to tuck the toes under And perhaps, have the knees just a little bit further apart, if you need more space for your bumps

We'll place the hands underneath the babies, just to give them a little hug, and draw the chin down, bowing the head to the heart Close your eyes here for a moment, as you stretch your toes and strengthen your feet, taking a deep breath in, and a deep breath out Take one more breath Placing your hands back down onto the floor, pick up both knees at the same time, and walk your feet towards your hands Rest your hands on the knees, lean into your bottom, weight into your heels, and roll up all in one piece

Roll the shoulders up, back and down when you get to the top So we're gonna start with an energising sequence So when we are in our third trimester, make sure you don't open your legs too wide After 36 weeks, we really want to keep the feet underneath the hips and the toes can turn out If you're not quite at 36 weeks yet, you can go a little bit wider, but remember to draw the feet closer together once you get to 36 weeks

Bend your knees a little bit over your toes, so we have a sense of just opening up the hips And then as you sit down into your bottom, we're going to start to swing the arms forward and back, just up to shoulder height Really loosen up the shoulders And just imagine your arms are like ragdoll arms Take a big breath in and a big breath out

If you're feeling at all dizzy, just keep your arms at this height But if you want to get a bit more energised today, bring your arms right over the head All the way up, that's it, take a lovely big breath in, and a lovely big breath out, remembering to keep your knees bent, so that you can protect your lower back And if you're feeling like you want to go a little bit further, just bring your hands right the way over behind you and tap your back That's it

Take another breath in And another breath out Let the arms settle by your sides And then when you're ready, keeping the knees bent, we're gonna just helicopter the arms around the body, bringing the arms up over the bump and wrapping them around the waist Look over your shoulder behind you and out the corner of your eyes

But if you feel at all dizzy, just slow it down or stop When you're ready, come back to centre and take a breath Next, we're gonna place one hand on top of the other And let the thumbs meet, so you're making a little triangle mudra with your thumbs Imagine you're holding your baby

We're gonna gently start to rock the baby from side to side And as we do so, just bend the knees and just drop down into your bottom If you're not at 36 weeks yet, you can have a much wider stride Just be comfortable in your pelvis and make sure you don't overdo it When you're ready, release your hands and just swing them from side to side, stretching out with your fingertips and looking to each side of the room

Take a deep breath in and a deep breath out If you want to do lovely big full circles here, inhale and bring the arms all the way up and over And just find a lovely little rhythm with the movement and the breath Now keep the knees a little bit bent, keep sitting down into your bottom, and you'll find, this becomes a very strong thigh strengthening exercise It also releases stress and anxiety and helps us feel more grounded

So just slowing it down, back to rocking the baby And then when you finish, just bring your hands into prayer at the heart and take a breath (sighs) So we're gonna move into warrior one Turning to your side on the mat, place one foot forward and one foot back As pregnancy progresses, you can make this stride smaller

But if you're not at 36 weeks yet, you could make this stride a little bit longer Bend your front knee over the ankle and just slightly out towards the little toe And make sure you bring your left hip forwards, so your hips are level with the top of the mat Start with your hands in prayer position at the heart And take a big breath in here, breathing up in front of your body and exhaling down the back of the body into the soles of the feet, and glueing your feet down onto the floor

Start to visualise squeezing your feet away from each other on the mat, so that you gently begin to activate your legs When you're ready, and if you're not feeling dizzy, take a lovely big inhale and bring the arms up and over the head Dropping the shoulders down away from the ears and turning the little fingers in slightly towards each other Now imagine I'm throwing you a beautiful bouquet of flowers, you're looking up to receive them, we feel happy, we feel uplifted Breathe that happy feeling into your heart, and share it with your baby

Take a big breath in A big breath out And then we'll inhale again, we'll bring the arms back up, dropping the shoulders, keep breathing Breathing some more happiness and think to yourself, I am enough, I am strong, I am calm And draw that into your heart

We'll do one more, and this time you think of a positive affirmation that you wish to say to yourself and share with your baby Inhale, bring your arms up Relax the shoulders, take a breath here, breath it into the heart, breath in anything you need a little bit more of today, and then place the palms together and draw the hands back down, through the centre to your heart When you're ready, step the right foot back So bending your front knee towards your little toe, and bringing the right hip forward just a bit, so you're making sure your hips are level with the top of the mat

Bring your hands into prayer position, and start to activate your legs by squeezing your feet away from each other When you're ready take a lovely big breath in and bring your arms over the head, dropping the shoulders And waking up the fingertips, looking up to the ceiling if that feels comfortable for you Take a lovely big breath into your heart And feel that sense of uplifting, happiness, bringing in strength and courage and anything we need a little bit more of today

And exhale, hands to the heart When you're ready, inhale, bring your arms back up Relax the shoulders as you exhale Take another breath and then exhale, hands back down We'll do this just one more time

Big inhale Drawing in your happiness, your strength I am strong, I am calm And drawing that back into yourself and your baby And when you're ready to come back down onto the floor, just gently bend your knees out over the toes, keeping lots of space for your bumps, as you walk your hands down the legs onto the floor and drop onto both knees at the same time, arriving back in kneeling

If you need to have some more height under your bottom, place a pillow or rolled up blanket underneath your bottom We're gonna finish our sequence with a little twist Just take your left hand to the lower back and gently look over your shoulder Keep the tummy soft and pointing forward Take a deep breath in as you get tall and a deep breath out as you allow your shoulders to come around just a little bit more

When you're ready, release that side and repeat on the other side Just placing your hand on the lower back, for support, sitting into your bottom, softening your tummy Inhale all the way up the length of your spine and exhale, just allow the ribcage and the shoulders to move into your twist very very gently if they wish No pulling, no jerking the body Just be gentle

Coming back to centre, turn yourself back into easy pose Sitting back down onto your bottoms, and we're gonna place one hand on the heart, the right hand on the heart, and the left hand on the top of the tummy And then bow the head down and close the eyes It's really important, especially in the third trimester that we take some time out every day just to settle, be peaceful and connecting with our babies So as you relax here, just take a big sigh

Let all the muscles and any tension in your body melt away Notice the ground underneath you Notice any sensations in your body Notice any heat or tingles in the palms of your hands Just connecting the love from your heart with your babies in your tummies

Notice if your babies are asleep or if they're awake and giving you a little wiggle or a nudge or a kick Just be aware of their presence Share with them anything you wish to share today How you're feeling What you're looking forward to

And then just send them a lovely smile and a feeling of love Connecting in every day just in this posture for a few minutes is very very lovely, very useful in the third trimester Very calming, and it just gives you some time and head space to remember where you're at on your journey and to connect with your babies That was a great practise, well done To wrap up, we're going to move into shavasana

And during pregnancy, it's really nice to do this lying down on our left side So take a pillow and fold it up to place between your knees And then carefully, manoeuvre yourself down onto your left side, using another pillow to support your head Once you're settled, and your bump's comfortable, just rest here Closing your eyes and taking a few final long sighs to relax all your muscles and melt onto your mat

Stay here for as long as you need And when you're ready to move and come back up, just do so gently and slowly Thanks for doing the Active for 2 trimester three yoga practise It's recommended you repeat this two to three times a week But if your energy levels are low, you can just complete the relaxation section of this video

Keep thinking positively about birth And make sure you do your research Lots of great birth prep tips can be found on this website You can find out more information about yoga in pregnancy at aptaclubco



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