B.O.B. Jogging Stroller – Wheel Issues Reported, But No Official Recall…Yet

The popular B.O.B. jogging stroller is facing some heat after reports of a wheel issue are making headlines.

A recent Washington Post article is shedding light on a series of accidents that occurred between 2012 and 2018, but haven’t received much attention.

From 2012 to 2018, the Consumer Product Safety Commission received 200 reports of wheel failures on the popular jogging stroller. In each of these cases, the front wheel was reported to have fallen off spontaneously during use, resulting in crashes of varying severity. 100 of these accidents resulted in injuries to parents and children.


Now here’s where this gets a little tricky – the CPSC recommended Britax Child Safety (the parent company) issue a recall for 500,000 strollers, but the company refused.

In 2018, CSPC sued to force Britax to recall them, resulting in a settlement. The result of the settlement allowed Britax to not recall the strollers, and instead launch a campaign to help ensure people were using the wheel correctly.

What’s the alleged issue with the wheel?

The quick release of the front tire is where people are reporting an issue. In 2016, the quick release was redesigned to make it safer.

What strollers are affected?

This is a little unclear. Because this isn’t an official recall, information isn’t as specific, but it looks like the focus is on strollers manufactured between January 1st, 2009 and September 30th, 2015. It includes both single and double strollers.

What can I do if I have a B.O.B. jogging stroller manufactured in that timeline?

You can watch this video and then continue to the incentives page to decide on how to proceed. You have to watch the full 10-minute video first (groan), and then you are given the option to purchase a new stroller with a 20% discount or get a free replacement bolt.


If you want the free replacement bolt, you have to click the option on the left (“Do you have concerns about your ability to safely and correctly operate your front quick release?”). Under this selection, you will be given the option for 20% off strollers or free replacement bolt.

If you click the option on the right, (“Are you satisfied with your ability to safely and correctly operate your quick release?”), you will not be given the option for a free bolt. Instead, you are taken to a page where you are offered 20% off products, with no option for a free bolt.

There’s also the fine print.

This offer is only valid until January 1st, 2020. Eligibility will have to be proven, as and you will need to verify the serial number and manufacturing date. You can contact customer service with more specific questions at 1-833-474-0938.

Do you have A BOB stroller? Have you had any issues with it?


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