Becky & Jo: postnatal depression and returning to work

We met each other about five years ago We're very similar, I think

We did not like each other, did we? Yeah, didn't like each other at all! Couldn't bear the sight of one another We kept our distance I think love and hate are quite close together sometimes I think it started when I got pregnant and I was off sick from work and you become very isolated very quickly because you don't really have that link back into the job The first person I spoke to about it was probably my mum and Jo very early on, I think as soon as I had been diagnosed with postnatal depression

When I came back to work my confidence was really, really low Having that familiar face there was a really positive, really helpful thing You know, we don't necessarily discuss the actual problems, or the problem, but 'how are you?', 'I'm feeling a little bit down today' and then it's 'do you fancy going and doing this' and then we get out and do something It's everyone's responsibility to have that conversation or to start that conversation and then most of the time it's just listening It's not about saying the right thing

It's just basic human kindness, I think Isn't it? That's what it comes down to, just doing what you would normally do if it was a friend or a family member and what most of us join the job to do and that's to help people Now our relationship is we're best friends really

We talk every single day, usually via WhatsApp


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