Becoming Supplement Savvy // Premium Prenatal and Preconception Supplements

Have you ever tried to read the label on your supplements? Feel like you need a chemistry degree just to make sense of it all? Hi Nikki Warren, fertility naturopath here I want you to become savvy about reading supplement labels

All of those fancy words can be a bit confusing but what is even more confusing is the way an ingredient is written on the label Let’s take magnesium citrate for example If the label simply states magnesium citrate 300mg, this does not actually tell you how much magnesium is actually in there However, if it says magnesium citrate 300mg, elemental magnesium 50mg then you know there is 50mg of magnesium per capsule It is the elemental amount of each mineral that counts

There is also a massive difference in the quality of each ingredient used in the products If you’re not sure about the quality of the supplement you are purchasing, seek advice from your naturopath You can find a fully qualified naturopath on the stockists list on our website wwwnaturobestcom For more tips and advice for your healthy conception, pregnancy and baby, subscribe to my channel or visit naturobest



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