Benefits of Prenatal Classes at Orange Park Medical Center

(gentle music) – When I found out I was pregnant, I was in shock Took a little bit to sink in

– Right after that you realize, oh my gosh, are we ready? We don't know what we don't know And I think that is what made Orange Park Medical so great for us – My doctor, Dr Shaw, recommended that we come take a tour here of Orange Park Hospital just to familiarize ourselves with the labor and delivery process because as first-time parents we really had no idea what to expect We realized how unprepared we were, and we immediately signed up for all of the classes that Orange Park Medical Center offered

And they were all fantastic And I really can't recommend them highly enough We took the child birth class and the breastfeeding class – I cannot stress enough, take advantage Go to these classes

Ask questions There's no stupid questions, and you will learn so much Me and my wife learned so much, and we felt so confident of not only coming here and having Roman here, but we had that confidence taking him home And there were many, many times that we would remind ourselves, oh yeah, we learned that in the class – And it made the process just a lot more easy and stress-free, I think, for all of us

– There's gonna be a level of stress when you're a new parent Absolutely, there are gonna be things that you don't know, but fortunately for us this place allowed us to ask crazy questions, and there was no stupid questions And we learned so much from the staff here


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