Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Exercise is really important during pregnancy Things like swimming, walking, even prenatal yoga can be really beneficial to a pregnant mom

In our modern times, we don't do nearly as much walking as we were really created to do For instance, we don't forge for food or work in the fields all day And when you are constantly walking, constantly moving, the body releases little burst of adrenaline And what that adrenaline does in a pregnant body is tones the uterus And as it tones the uterus, essentially creating little mini-contractions or pressure waves, as the uterus is being toned it positions the baby into the optimal position for birthing

And once the baby's in the optimal position for birthing, his head can press on the cervix and dilation is much easier So moms who are able to exercise a lot more have a much higher chance of having an easier, more comfortable, even faster birthing time


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