Best Valentine Gifts for a Pregnant Woman

If you’re looking for some of the best Valentine Gifts for pregnant women, you’ve come to the right place, my friend. I asked a bunch of pregnant ladies what they’d like on that special day of love and here’s what they said.

Best Valentine Gifts for Pregnant People:

Ideas that most pregnant women would love to receive during their pregnancy.

Cleaning Service Visit

Unique Gifts for Pregnant Women: Cleaning services
If you don’t think house cleaning is romantic then you’ve never had to clean a toilet – or a bathtub while pregnant – this is love in its purest form. Here are some cleaning services on Amazon if you don’t want to dig around!

Prenatal Massage

Best Gifts for a Pregnant Woman on Valentine's Day? How about a prenatal massage? Click for more ideas!

Ah, the glorious rub down when everything aches is somethin’ damn special. Look for places that have a “Mother’s Massage”, “Prenatal Package”, etc. because if the spa you’re dealing with isn’t familiar with pregnancy massage they might be twitchy about rubbing down a pregnant lady. Check out ratings on Yelp or just do a Google search for spas in your area to see what gets great feedback – accidentally sending your pregnant partner to a rub-and-tug isn’t very romantic.

Mani Pedi

Best Valentine's Day gifts for a pregnant woman: pregnancy safe pedicure

Same idea as the prenatal massage – it’s wonderful to feel pampered when you sometimes feel like a land manatee. These nail polishes from Butter are gorgeous, free of crap and would go nicely with a gift card.

Maternity Pillow

Best Valentine Gifts for Pregnant Women: pregnancy pillowThese are just glorious and help your lady get comfortable in bed. This would be my first choice, but this one supports her belly AND back and this one is a little more nimble if you want to stay in the bed too.


Pregnancy pajamas: Practical and gorgeous gift for any pregnant woman or nursing mom.

I really love the sleepwear from Majamas because they are suitable for both maternity and nursing yet look pretty and feminine. Nothing lifts your spirits like clean, nice pajamas – I don’t know, maybe that’s me.

Hatch Mama Pocket Spa Trio

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women: Hatch Mama Pocket Spa Trio essential oil rollerballs.

This set of three essential oil-based rollerballs perk up energy, relieve nausea, and calm those nerves. Developed at 1% essential oil concentration, these are safe for pregnancy and baby – and good for sensitive noses (code for: great if she’s feeling barfy.)


Best Valentine's Day gifts for pregnant women: gorgeous lingerie from Nordstroms or Cake Lingerie. Just because your lady is pregnant doesn’t mean she can’t be rocking some awesome lingerie. Personally, I would go the gift card route on this one. Boobs and bodies change a lot before, during and after pregnancy (you may have noticed) so a measurement is a good idea. I would recommend Nordstroms and Cake Maternity as your two best bets to find something to suit her needs.


Unique (and fun) gifts to give a pregnant woman on Valentine's Day.If everyone has a sense of humor, then I love this grabber as a gift idea for a pregnant lady. Pair it with a basket full of her favorite snacks and treats.

Herbal Tea

mother of the goddamn year mug and morning wellness tea

Earth Mama makes great teas that are pregnancy safe if herbal teas are her jam. There are ones for the third trimester, heartburn, stress, etc. so there’s one for all that ails her. Pair it with a fun mug like this one from Sapling Press.

Harmony Ball Necklace

Traditional Harmony ball - unique gift idea for a pregnant woman

Traditionally, harmony balls have been used in Bali and Mexico. Pregnant women wear it on a long necklace during their pregnancy so the gentle chime soothes the baby in the womb as the mother moves. After the baby is born, mom wears it on a shorter necklace, that it can be played with by the baby while nursing. It had believed to be extra soothed by the sound because he/she associated it during the time in the womb. You can find a selection on Etsy.

Naipo Neck and Back Massager Massage Pillow

Christmas gift ideas for pregnant women: portable back massager

Talk about a great gift for pregnant women. A heated massager for lower back pain. Plus, it has an almost perfect review score from over 400 people – one or two of those had to be achy pregnant ladies. You can find them on Amazon.

This shirt

Fun gifts for a pregnant wife on Valentine's Day.I found this one on Etsy. Maybe paired with a great dinner or movie night.

The Gift of Time and Trouble

four free valentine's day coupons to give to a pregnant partner

You don’t need to spend a fortune on Valentine’s Day when you can offer your time and love. Here are some handy coupons you can download to give to your special lady. Even better, tape them to a giant box of chocolates.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Best Valentine Gifts for Pregnant Ladies

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