Best Vitamins for Pregnancy : Supplements to Take During Pregnancy – VitaLife Show Episode 122

Welcome to the VitaLife Show I'm doctor Janine Bowring and thank you for joining me today hope that you've enjoyed all our videos on youtube be sure to subscribe to this channel because we are constantly uploading new videos about how to get healthy from inside-out today's topic we're talking all about the best supplements for pregnancy so I've had four babies myself and of course we didn't have VitaTree yet for the first two pregnancies but for my last two babies we had developed our VitaTree supplements and I can wholeheartedly say that they are the absolute best helping you to have the energy the vitality that you need throughout a pregnancy and we're gonna go through everything that I took throughout my pregnancies from a whole food source and that's the big difference here at VitaTree we don't use anything synthetic nutrients we don't use synthetic vitamins minerals no fillers which is unlike any other vitamin company out there in the fact also that we don't use magnesium stearate which is a flow agent that a lot of those companies will use to actually speed up the production time so it's more cost effective for other vitamin companies to use magnesium stearate however it's not something we use because they can actually irritate the stomach then there is some reports and evidence that this is something that is toxic and should not be ingested so its always up for debate whether magnesium stearate is good or bad I have always believe that it's not something that we should be ingesting and that's why here at VitaTree we do not use magnesium stearate, so back to my favourite supplements in terms of pregnancy first and foremost make sure that you are always taking something that is a whole food supplement so my favorite multivitamin is our VitaFruits and VitaVeggies giving you nature's superfoods the very important antioxidant that you need to have a healthy pregnancy healthy baby but also to keep your energy levels up and it's absolutely incredible I mean on the days when I was lazier you know had forgot to take my dosage of my VitaFruits and VitaVeggies I really did notice that you know I my energy was lacking and I was kinda slumped over so your VitaFruits and VitaVeggies will be your absolute best friend throughout your pregnancy giving you the superfruit antioxidant and you're really easy to take easy to swallow capsule completely vegetarian green tea is in there as well as well as your naturally antioxidant as well as there's no caffeine so you don't have to worry about that

that's why it's great for pregnancy as well as of course fish oil Now fish oil supplements have been in the news for years now and its those omega 3's especially DHA that's so important in pregnancy for the developing fetus for the brain and spinal cord development and studies have shown that women that are supplementing with especially their DHA their pregnancy the outcome of the cognitive ability in their babies down the road after they're born is dramatically increase, you definitely want to make sure you're taking your omega 3's VitaFish Oil the absolute best fish oil supplement tastes great no fishy taste so especially in pregnancy if you have a sensitive stomach and you have nausea and morning sickness you don't want to take anything that's going to irritate you the VitaFish Oil will be your absolute best friend helps to keep your brain awake and active I know that you know pregnancy brain I've been through it not fun even know as women we laugh about it but with the VitaFish Oil it really does help to keep your brain alert and active throughout your pregnancy and then beyond as well when you're breastfeeding after you have your baby it's really important that your supplementing and then even to supplement the baby as well with the VitaFish oil for the brain and spinal cord development probiotics absolutely essential I took this throughout my pregnancies VitaTree probiotic designed for the human digestive tract because again when the baby is born their first contact with good flora is when they are birth through the vaginal canal so probiotics the right form the right strain we've taken all the guesswork out it for you with the VitaTree Probiotics exactly what you need important for your immune system throughout the pregnancy for your digestion to make sure as well that your absorbing all your nutrient so the VitaTree Probiotics so easy to take just two capsules a day can certainly double up if you need to on the VitaTree Probotics, so check it out at vitatreecom now for some women you also may need calcium magnesium and D3 throughout the pregnancy so I know that I suffered from heartburn especially as the baby was getting bigger this was something you know that I had in all my pregnancies dramatically improved when I started taking the VitaTree Whole Food Calcium this is the coral calcium and you can sip small amounts of it throughout the day and it helped to quench that acid reflex problem on the spot which was incredible for me Magnesium as well if you tend to get the leg cramps things the magnesium is something that we always suggest that you supplement away from the calcium so your taking your calcium at night your VitaTree Magnesium in the morning and helping with your digestion and metabolism and really important for the cardiovascular system as well so and of course your D3 Now the vitamin D3 in the deficiency vitamin d3 we don't absorb calcium only 15 percent gets absorbed so having essential d3 especially if you're having a your pregnancy through the winter months living in certain parts of the world we just don't have the regular sun exposure to risk in that we need so when you buy d3 to be able to absorb calcium so I do thank you for joining me today please leave your questions your comments below subscribe to this channel so that you're always getting our new updated videos and information Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @vitatree and let me know how your pregnancy is going I would love to share with you you know some of my experiences as well leave your questions and comments below thanks for joining me today


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