Best Vitamins to Take Before Pregnancy

What are the best vitamins to take before pregnancy? Whichever supplements are supposed to improve performance in bed Or libido, depending on your needs

I'm not concerned about that I'm concerned about taking vitamins before pregnancy to prevent problems, if possible Folate is so important to get early in the pregnancy that the government makes bread makers put it in the mix Why is it so important? The addition of folate on a massive scale is credited for reducing the rate of neural tube defects by something like a third Then that's really important

You probably want to up your iron intake since the growth of blood vessels can make women in early pregnancy tired I don't want to take standard iron supplements They make me nauseous, and there's no point in guaranteeing I'll throw up when I need the nutrients most Doctors can give you prenatal vitamins when you are trying to get pregnant so that all the nutrients are there, whether you've just conceived or want to make sure the egg has the greatest chance to turn into a baby I was hoping for more specific advice than take an all purpose multivitamin

You want to take extra calcium I'm not making milk yet No, but calcium is used to build the baby's bones, and you'll end up at extra risk for osteoporosis if you aren't getting enough calcium while the baby is developing That's something to take when pregnant and nursing but not something to rush right now Depends on how little calcium your diet has had and how much has been leached out of your system by soda consumption

I'm a coffee addict myself You'll want to cut back on the caffeine and alcohol anyway when trying to get pregnant That's up there with try not to get sick as advice for a healthy pregnancy Getting enough antioxidants like vitamin C reduce your odds of getting sick, and it ensures sufficient nutrition for the connective tissues I can get that from a glass of orange juice

True, but make sure you get enough so you don't get sick It is also good at fighting tissue damage and environmental toxins Maybe, but antioxidants like vitamin C won't prevent any possible genetic problems But getting the right nutrients in the pipeline reduces the odds of the factors I can control Just stay away from deli meats, soft cheese and uncooked meat that pose a risk of illnesses like salmonella and listeria

A perfect diet plus those foods that leave you throwing up all the nutrients certainly isn't good No, those diseases can cause miscarriage, which is another reason to avoid chasing super-foods like raw oysters and losing the baby So no sushi or any fish that they say stay away from when pregnant, because mercury is not one of the minerals a baby needs Lots of healthy green leafy vegetables, healthy protein sources and all the fruits you can stand and vitamins if the doctor says to take it In short, eat now like I'd tell my child to eat later, and take my vitamins


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