Body Bolster / Prenatal Cushion Review and Demonstration from Massage Warehouse UK

Here we have our Body Positioning Cushion This is really useful in any treatment, but particularly useful for pregnant clients, larger clients with a larger chest or stomach or clients who feel pain and can't lie flat on a table

You can use the cushion as we have here on a treatment table or on any flat surface such as the floor or a bed The cushion is made up of 4 different sections for the legs, torso, arms and the face or head The leg section is held together with Velcro so you can use it as 2 separate pieces or all together There are 2 side armrests that you can use if you require and they can move any position There is a removable, adjustable head cradle

The torso section is made up of two separate parts held together with a very strong Velcro So they are easy to transport, but also you can make the body cushion longer if you require it for your client There is a hollow here for this baby bump or the stomach to rest in There is a recess for the chest with a removable cushion You can take the cushion out for your female clients or put it back in for your male clients or when it's needed

The foam is really lovely and comfortable and the PU upholstery is very durable and hard-wearing The economically shaped face cradle is really comfortable and relaxing for the client to rest their face in The head cradle pivots and adjusts for optimal positioning Here we have Claire who is four months pregnant Her body is supported by the cushion so it takes the pressure off her pelvis and her shoulder area

So it is much more comfortable for her to lie on the cushion then on a table On the table she couldn't lie flat Her arms are supported with the 2 armrests or she could put them down beside her hips As you can see, the Body Positioning Cushion stores really neatly into this carry case that is comes with So you are ready to zip it up

It has 2 handles here on top to carry it and its really, really light to carry


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