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Hi everybody, I'm Melissa and welcome back to CloudMom When I was pregnant with each of my five babies, I remember doing everything I could to make sure that my baby would have the right start

I thought about the kind of foods I was eating and checked with my doctor on those, I tried to make sure I kept hydrated by drinking enough fluids, and I was careful when it came to forms of exercise, and I tried to get enough sleep With my first baby, I also spent time reading to the baby while he was still in my tummy because friends of mine had told me that this was a great way to stimulate the baby's cognitive development Much research has been done about baby's cognitive development in the womb But it wasn't until recently that a product hit the marketplace designed to stimulate babies intellectually before they come into being on the earth Introducing BabyPlus

This convenient little monitor comes with a series of lessons that you can give to your baby It is so comfortable and easy to strap onto yourself and to wear as you go about your day working, preparing for your baby You can wear it while you're sitting, you can wear it while you're walking around You simply strap the monitor onto yourself such as I have done and about you go through your day, washing the dishes, cooking, working, doing conference calls, and all the rest Meanwhile, your baby is getting an incredible early learning lesson

The monitor is designed to emulate the sounds that a baby receives from the mother while in the womb Many experts have reviewed this baby monitor and decided for themselves that it's a great thing for pregnant women to do In my view, it's a no brainer What mama would not want to do everything she can to make sure that her growing baby is getting every type of stimulation that can be helpful to his or her growing brain And it all comes in such a way that's so incredibly easy requiring no effort on your part other than strapping on this very easy to wear, light and comfortable little monitor

Remember, when in doubt, do what's best for your baby Thanks so much for watching and see you next time on CloudMom


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