Cat Cow Yoga Pose – Prenatal Yoga

Hello, my name is Kay Metzelaars, i am a Yoga Instructor and i am here at Andes Baby in Effingham to teach you a safe and effective practiceyoga practice that you can perform at any stage in your pregnancy This posture is known as CAT COW, it's combination of 2 posescatand cow And it's really great for relieving back pain, especially in the lower spine

It can improve blood flow along the spine and in the spinal nerves And it strengthens and stretches and tones the back muscles and abdominal muscles So this is gonna be really beneficial for you and your baby Soin order to perform this pose, you can place a blanket or a yoga mat on the floor, and do this for a little bit of padding/cushion for the knees and hands

Begin with your knees hip width apart and your knees directly under your hips Your wrist should be aligned to your shoulders, providing you with a stable foundation Take a deep breath and flatten your spine along the lower back and cervical vertebrae Looking down between your hands, making sure that your head and neck are level with the rest of your spine Take a deep breath and on the inhale, lower your naval towards the floor, and look up gently towards the ceiling

If you have neck problems, don't go too far back But you can round the spine deeply here On the exhale, initiate movement around the naval and tailbone, and round the spine bringing your chin in towards your chest Repeat this process inhaling into back bend and exhaling into forward bend about 6 to 10 breaths should be a good waya good place to start If you have any wrist issues, any soreness, you can always place your fists down on the mat to protect and strengthen the wrists This is something you can perform without warming up and you may want to talk to your Doctor before you begin the practice but it is safe and beneficial for both you and your baby Good luck and enjoy your practice



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