Certified Pregnancy Prenatal Massage Lakewood Ranch Bradenton: Table Setup

hey everybody I just got set up for pregnancy massage client and I got a phone call that her water broke so that's a great reason to cancel a massage and I thought since the table was already set up I would give you a little tour so pregnant women are usually recommended to do a sidelying massage rather than a face down massage so I have a body support system here might be a little hard to see in the video sorry about that so the pregnant belly is supported in cradled here the hips the arm and shoulder goes here and then the headrests here and down below you'll see that there's another bolster right here and this helps support from the knee to the ankle of the top leg so bottom leg is straight top leg is bent and puts the mother in a very very comfortable position and then the other thing that usually is involved so you have your top sheet and bottom sheet and a blanket because everybody likes to warm we use the pillow case for breast drape so that if we need to get through the lower back or in some cases the abdomen this will keep the girls covered and modest and then usually there's a pillow in a fresh pillow case that the patient can then hold onto to relax their shoulders so this is the set up that I normally use for pregnant client's medical massage and I hope this spur of the moment video helps you visualize how that would work and I'll see if I can post some photos of a pregnant clinet in this position as well thanks so much


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