Chiropractic Adjustment for New Mom (postnatal): In the Moment Ep. 8 w/ Dr. Brett Jones

what is up everybody welcome back to in the moment with Dr Brett Jones today I'm joined by this beauty I'm allowed to say it because she is actually my wife this is Dr

Kate Jones and today we're gonna be adjusting her and we're also going to be talking about chiropractic care for those new mothers what are some things that you notice for new moms that you get to take care of in the office so a lot of what I see is this upper back area where your CT junction is where your cervical spine meets your thoracic spine you're just lovingly gazing at your new baby as you're breastfeeding and for some reason we always have to look at them every single time they eat so I've noticed a lot of just sort of loading in this upper area because you're constantly looking down another thing that I experienced that made me incredibly grateful for chiropractic care postpartum was when I had willow I definitely had probably sprained a little bit of my pelvis – sprain strain for sure – in the delivery process and so after I had her when I was nursing her and my body was coming back together and healing I was having a lot of really significant pain as everything was coming back together so I was very grateful to have this one on call to really make sure that things were going back to where they should be and help me alleviate some of that pain through gentle and effective caring loving adjustments and there's a key word there that I don't know if it's been said yet is "relaxin" and so at the later state of pregnancy mothers-to-be start to have this hormone called relaxin which is actually helping gear everything for the birthing process which is basically helping the ligaments and everything become really a little bit softer and everything becomes more mobile as the pelvis expands now this relaxin is still in the system after you have the baby and that's typically why we will change our technique up when adjusting Mama's in that later stage of pregnancy and as they become new moms it's a lot more gentle or work because again not only have they gone through a lot but they're not gonna be able to I don't say hold the adjustment as well when it's bigger adjustments so it's usually lighter work to make sure it's really gentle for the mom so let's go ahead and check you out you ready lay down on your stomach you got it I checked you out seven years ago and I liked what I saw all right so Kate and I got married in 2013 and we had Jaxon he was born what 2014 and who you haven't seen yet and but hopefully some of you have seen the adjustment with Willow which she was just turned six months last week so she had her six-month checkup with us and yes we just had her and they're three years apart so today it's all about you though and so like she was saying a lot of moms will build a lot of tension and compression right in between the shoulder blades and can also build it right in this Junction the junctions are a big area where a lot of people build stress so you have what's called the TL Junction the thoracolumbar Junction it's basically where the mid-back starts to become the lower back you also have where the lower back connects to the sacrum so you could call that you know the lumbosacral junction and then you have the cervical thoracic junction the CT junction so those are all big areas where people can build stress – for my lovely wife Kate right now we're right here like a little bit above the bra line at about T5 T6 there's a big fixation there or you could say subluxation or dysfunction within the neural spinal system she's also actually has a first rib that is not moving very well and so if I palpate using my fingertips here on the front of the neck what I'm palpating is just above the clavicle is the first rib most people think ribs they usually want to talk about the back or they want to talk here but there's this little rib that's like a little collar that goes from the top of the clavicle to T1 and so on the front of the neck I'm feeling that there's something definitely going on at that first rib so I'm gonna see if I can actually make this adjustment while she's laying face down and we'll see how it starts to open up – eh she's fighting me there she does not want that adjustment and so how do you know when and went on to make adjustments the body will tell you when the body starts seizing up if you're going to set up on an adjustment it's saying nope not this way or not right now and so you might have to find a new position to make that adjustment in so for her I'm going to do that adjustment when we roll her over to her back I also am going to prefer to do this into your dorsal when she's laying on her back so it's going to check out the lower so I'm gonna check out and see how the pelvis is moving here and so for for Kate I'm picking up that there is some sacral fixation mainly at the base it feels like an entire base posterior so instead of being rotated one way or another it feels like it's just back like this and it is a little swollen still so we got a little bit of swelling at the sacrum so to me that's an indicator for a base posterior I'm gonna put her this side up so face me this way sweet yeah – Kate just got her haircut and she thinks she looks like the emoji that's like this and so all we needed was a purple shirt and we've been right there and if you think she looks like the emoji too then you go ahead and comment on it let us know all right so we're gonna be adjusting the base of the sacrum this time I'm actually gonna be connecting right here again hand positions can change it's just whatever makes the best like mold and connection is how we want to adjust so I'm going to roll right here and that's already starting to move went through the entire base of the sacrum moved really nicely lay on your back for me again when I make an adjustment and it feels like it clears throughout the system usually I don't roll back to stomach to recheck I've been doing this for a little bit now and so I've started to establish what a clean adjustment feels like and if it clears what I intended to clear however I can recheck through the feet when she is supine and everything's moving really nice and a little story about how I think she fell in love with me but maybe she has something different in mind she was a dancer for a long time did contemporary and hip hop dance and I knew since she was on her feet so much that if I could learn how to adjust feet properly maybe she'd fall in love with me and that was the first extremity that I learned how to adjust and sure enough she married me and had my babies so there we go it worked so now we're in just T5 T6 here this is right there sometimes I like to – actually go ahead and bend the knees slightly for me when you bend the knees it takes pressure off the lower back which allows you to connect a little bit more to the mid-back — that was another clean one yeah baby put your hands here for me so when she was laying on her stomach I did find the first rib that was not moving very well and so when I went to go set up on it though it felt like it did not want to be messed with in that position supine I believe we have better access and so what we're gonna be doing is we're doing a supine adjustment coming in through this way so it's a little bit different not always done like this I usually like to do it either seated or prone but you can do it supine so it's right here so that bad boy hadn't moved in a while felt really really nice really clean really specific something also unique about my wife's spine is she actually has her C2 and C3 blocked so they are actually one vertebra and that she has an extra lumbar and so usually when people have some interesting things with their spine they have multiple you can still adjust a cervical blocked vertebra just know that it's going to move as one bone you know don't expect it and just in between it so for Kate we're actually going to adjust the C2 C3 body and it's going to move on the C4 boom so you can see how it sounds different when it's blocked it has a more of a thud so you can still adjust it it's interesting sometimes in student clinics they'll put a red dot on the file saying that it's a contraindication to adjust you can adjust a block further but depending on where it's at depend on what it looks like hers is a congenital block meaning that she was born with it but it moves really well it just moves as one bone but it moved good neck feels great you come on up boo let them know why are you most excited about chiropractic why am I most excited about chiropractic it's such a big question um I just love the way that we have the ability to communicate just how brilliant our bodies are and really restoring that power back into each individual I mean I know that yes Bret is obviously providing adjustments to me and helping facilitate my expression of life but ultimately it is that intelligence that runs my body that's doing that and I think that that's one of the most empowering concepts that we can give to ourselves to our children to this world is really knowing how interconnected we are and how powerful each one of us is – put her on the spot and she crushed it one other question for you what's changed most in your life since being adjusted – oh man everything I had I used to have really bad allergies those went away I used to be ADHD that went away my focus my overall health and I mean I don't really get sick anymore I think a lot of people are surprised to hear that you could live a life completely non dependent on any type of pharmaceutical drugs II – so it's like we have a completely natural lifestyle I personally haven't had any over-the-counter medication or pharmaceutical medication in the last seven years our kids have never had any pharmaceuticals and they're freakin healthy and they're there they're thriving and that's been the biggest thing for me is just seeing our family now just grow up in a new lifestyle and anyway there it is y'all in the moment thank you for checking it out if you haven't yet please subscribe like share and we'll see you next time


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