Coping with postpartum depression

This is your United Way Minute I had a fairly hard birth with my daughter and after that we definitely had some struggles

Post-partum depression is like living in a fog The things you used to enjoy, you don’t enjoy anymore; it was really hard to just even get off the couch, I wasn’t enjoying time with my daughter We serve individuals, children, their families and really work to try to improve their relationships and connections because that’s really critical for their mental health and well-being This work wouldn’t be possible without the support of United Way and with their continued support we can offer these services and be there for women and their families Family Services Ottawa and the moms group changed my life

They gave me coping mechanism to deal with stress and my post-partum depression Help people like Claire get the mental health support they need Make a donation at UnitedWayOttawaca/give or call 613-228-6700


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postnatal depression


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