Don’t Blink

This past week my family took a vacation and it just so happened to be Charlotte’s first birthday.  My baby is 1! Whoa.  Her first year of life went by waaaaay faster than I remember Jack’s going.  I try to look back to when I first brought her home from the hospital, and it all seems to be a blur.  I still look at her and think she’s as little as when she was born.  For some reason when Jack turned 1, I thought he was 5.  He seems so much older and I just want Charlie to stay my baby forever.   I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with strangers that involve how fast their kids grew up and to just enjoy the moment.  When you bring home a new baby, it’s so easy to wish for restful nights, more independence, and “the next stage.”  The truth is, you need to cherish the phase you’re in now because it all goes by in the blink of an eye.   “I wish my life went by more quickly” – a phrase no one ever said.

A few highlights from our trip:

  • Charlie learned to walk! She’s taken some steps in the past few months, but she officially does not crawl anymore.  I’m convinced it was the beach – falling on sand is much better than the floor, so she had a little more courage to keep trying down there.
  • Jack got his first haircut.  In over 2 years of life, I’ve never cut his hair.  I’m beyond jealous of his perfect, blonde curls – but it was time.
  • Oh, the creatures.  We saw geckos, alligators, crabs, starfish, dolphins…the list goes on.  You know what Jack was most excited to see? “Garbage truck!”

All in all, it was perfect family vacation.



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