(English) Sadhguru’s Best Parenting Tips

Sadhguru what should be the role of a good parent in today's world it's a Parenthood is a very funny thing you're trying to do something that nobody has ever known how to do it well yes nobody had has ever known what is the best where it'd be a way to parent their children even if you have 12 children you're still learning you may raise the leaven properly the twelfth one can give you works No so but you want to do your best so what's the best thing you can do one foremost thing I would say is first thing used to work upon yourself a little bit spend sufficient time with yourself look at yourself carefully however have you said how you stand how you'll speak what you do what you don't do I think you must look at yourself very carefully because the children are picking up everything rapidly and they'll exaggerate everything that you're doing so one foremost thing is at least make yourself in such a way that you would like to be somebody may not approve it doesn't matter at least you've made yourself in such a way that you like the way you are at least that much you must do maybe you cannot raise to somebody else's standards we don't know what kind of standards they set for you but at least you must become the way you like it the way you are that is a must but that will only create the necessary ambience it still doesn't make you necessarily a good parent but it creates the necessary ambience but creating the necessary ambience is a large part of Parenthood large part if you create the right kind of atmosphere off a certain sense of joy in love and care and discipline for yourself and your home atmosphere generally they grow up of course you want to provide opportunities for them each one of us can provide opportunities only to the extent it's available to us isn't it yes you cannot provide an opportunity for which you don't have access you'll always do according to your limitations I'm sure in that area you will do your best but the important thing is what kind of human beings are brats you raised for that what kind of human being are you is an extremely important part of raising children so if your wife became pregnant it's time the transformation for you because now another life is coming in you yourself or the way you don't like yourself to be definitely one mode need not go that way isn't it so making becoming conscious of what we are doing is extremely important what should we teach what we should what we should do I think one important thing that you should teach your children is that they learn to question everything but not with suspicion with the Jinyan wanting to know questioning can become a very sick thing or a very healthy process people question the they already suspect everything is evil this is a sickness but you the basic purpose of a question question is an instrument which helps you to dig a little deeper than where you are isn't it so yes question is essentially an instrument with which you can dig a little deeper that's the purpose of a question if you just bring this into your child's mind that a child can question anything including you the way you are if you allow that in a healthy way not in a sick way questioning things because you think something is wrong with everybody if you bring this the child is constantly exercising his intelligence this will not ensure whether he's going to become a doctor engineer this that but one thing is clear his intelligence is active if you anyway put him through the necessary physical paces to give him a healthy body and an active intelligence and of course some level of education according to what you can afford and you bring him up without any sense of identity without any sense of identity if you can bring him up if you do not entangle his intelligence by being identified to this or that that he is willing and open to everything if you bring him up this way the best possible that he can make out of his life he will do he may not become like somebody else but he will grow to his maximum potential of course it depends on along the way who he means what happens what situations he gets into whether he kind of comes into a spiritual space or he goes into a war zone very ends up who knows those things you cannot control isn't it but if you create an atmosphere of love meditativeness openness when you're not identified with anything naturally there is no sense of prejudice if you bring a a child free of prejudice in a loving very open atmosphere generally they do well but there is no guarantee because there are other influences in the society you don't know into whose hands they'll fall tomorrow morning yes you may be doing your best tomorrow morning into whose hands your child will fall there is no insurance or guarantee that's a risk that you're taking always but the only thing is did you do your best or not that's all there is to life


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