Family Pictures

Be sure to take family pictures

Every year I have the ideal family picture planned in my head. I imagine my family perfectly dressed, well-rested, great weather, and the kids on their best behavior. It never happens like this, but somehow we get a “perfect” family picture. I say, “perfect” because we have three kids, three and younger. Someone’s tongue is always out, someone is usually throwing a tantrum, and someone is always tired. This year was no exception; however, we had an amazing photographer who has young kids of her own – that always helps. I’m a huge fan of candid family pictures, especially with young ones. My kids being kids is what I define as perfect – tongues out and all!

What about you? Do you do an annual family picture? What do you use it for? Holiday cards?

Do you tend to avoid the camera? I read this post a while ago and have completely changed the way I feel about having my picture taken. I especially loved the slideshow at the end.


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