Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms in early pregnancy.  One in five women will suffer from fatigue.  Even in early pregnancy, your growing uterus and child require some of your body’s energy.   Also you are not feeling your best, you may have morning sickness and eating less, so you can become hypoglycemic.  Not to mention, nausea can certainly make you feel fatigued.

Later in pregnancy, during your third trimester, you put on weight, your feet and ankles may swell and it is harder to move around.  You may develop more aches and pains and have difficulty sleeping.  All of this can lead to fatigue as well.  The best solution to fatigue is to listen to your body.  Get plenty of sleep and take an occasional nap. Make sure you eat properly, get a little bit of exercise each day, and walk 30 to 40 minutes five to six days a week.  Do this especially if you have a sedentary job.  Walking will give you energy and help relieve fatigue.  Also during your last trimester it is important to just put your feet up and rest.


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