Fetal Development with captions

This movie shows the early stage formation of the embryo Initially the fertilized egg divides or "cleaves" cleavage is a critical early growth phase

The cell cluster moves down the fallopian tube and begins to form a ball of cells called the "blastocyst" In real life this takes about 5 days Next we will look INSIDE the ball of cells or blastocyst where we see a cluster of cells called the "inner cell mass" or ICM The ICM becomes the embryo while the outer ball of cells becomes the amniotic sac and placenta At this stage the embryo implants into the wall of the uterus and this is when a pregnancy is really initiated

Here you can see the blue inner cell mass form a disk, and then as the cells continue to grow, they change their physical positions (migrate) moving to create a pattern Here again you see the disk which derives from the ICM and begins to form the embryo with cells migrating in and out (here they form the neural GROOVE which will enfold to become the neural TUBE) This cross-section shows the germ layers Ectoderm = skin/nervous system, mesoderm = bone and muscle, endoderm = internal organs Here cells continue to migrate and differentiate, and you can see the neural tube forming as the edges of the groove fold and merge Here the embryo is shown from the side, with limb buds forming and you can begin to see the head and eye, and eventually a small embryo


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