Finding Out

You know that moment you find out you’re pregnant and you think, I can’t wait to tell everyone! That thought is soon interrupted by several more thoughts along the lines of Who do I tell first? How long do I wait to tell everyone? If I tell one person, I have to tell everyone. Do I have to tell my boss? I need to call a doctor. My doctor’s office isn’t even open right now. Those thoughts soon become overwhelming so you decide to pause and start thinking about what this means for yourself and most importantly…your baby. Now those thoughts start rushing through your brain. What can’t I eat? What am I supposed to eat? How much do I need to eat? When do I get to start eating a lot? Can I work out? Should I work out? What does this mean for my job? I need to start saving more money.

Every single one of those thoughts (and so many more) flooded my mind the moment I saw two lines on a pregnancy test. It was the first major change in my life. That moment, I knew every decision I made would directly affect someone else. Someone else that I had this innate reaction to bestow, love, and protect. The first thing I did was call my husband at work and completely blindside him (in a good way) with two words: “I’m pregnant!” Hearing me say those words left us both speechless. Neither one of us knew the next move. I didn’t want to tell anyone else until I got to talk to my husband in person. That meant I had eight hours to ‘research’ before he came home. The next logical step for any young, newly pregnant woman? Google. Talk about overwhelming. I found way too much information that left me confused, excited, sad, blissful, and most of all, scared. Scared that I instantly was given this much responsibility. What I read on one site completely contradicted another site’s information; however, there was also a lot of information that was repetitive and seemingly unnecessary. How many websites are going to tell me that my baby is the size of a blueberry? Don’t these people know I just found out?! I wanted information about the changes I need to make regarding my lifestyle, exercise, nutrition, and stress. That’s when I called my Dad.


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