First of Its Kind Prenatal Vitamin Offers Unique Benefits for Moms-To-Be and Their Babies

If you’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant, listen up! The first and only prenatal vitamin with an egg-based DHA, which helps support eye, brain and nervous system development called OB Complete Gold What I recommend to my patients is finding a vitamin that they’ll actually remember to take everyday and that they like and so I’ve started recommending obcomplete gold …the first and only prenatal vitamin that has omegga dha, and this is a novel new advanced technology

The dha is derived from cage free hens and what that means is that it’s more bioefficient It’s the same DHA that is found in our brains, our eyes and in breast milk And so it’s more easily digestible Absorbable and then it gets distributed to tissues more efficiently It’s not a marine source of DHA and that means there’s no fishy taste, no bad breath and women aren’t getting that burping

And sometimes those things can really add up to women not wanting to take a prenatal vitamin It also has quatrefolic, which is the biologically available folate women need folic acid and this has been known for a long time now and its fortified in a lot of foods but now its great its in the prenatal vitamin because its going to HELP decrease the chance of neural tube defects like spinabifida It’s other nutritional benefits? “It also has vitamin d3, it has 1000 international units and that’s really important for a baby’s skeletal growth and their bone growth Another thing I like about obcomplete gold is that it has Ferronyl Iron, which is a more bioavailable iron and in pregnancy it’s very common for people to become anemic

It’s also gluten, lactose and sugar free and comes in a small softgel so it’s easy to swallow What else makes this prenatal so unique? Well I really like obcomplete gold’s packaging and so do my patients…because IT’S really easy to track when taking your prenatal vitamin and was really designed with moms in mind It gives you an ob tracker for each trimester so moms can follow along with their baby’s growth and development from the first, second and third trimester OB Complete Gold is a prescription prenatal vitamin so ask your healthcare provider about it for before, during, and after pregnancy So we know that when we write the prescription for obcomplete gold that women are getting vitamins and nutrients that they need that they can absorb and that they can then give to their baby

Other advice for moms to be? Get lots of rest, drink plenty of water, and make sure to eat well-balanced meals everyday Never underestimate the power of proper nutrition Find a ob provider that you trust that you can talk to and someone you feel comfortable with, do your homework, do your research and bring a list of questions with you so you can find out all the information you need to have the healthiest pregnancy possible For more info go to obcompletegoldcom


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