First Trimester Pregnancy Workout (SAFE PRENATAL STRENGTH TRAINING!!)

Hi, everyone! Trainer Amy Jo here, and today we’re going to do a first trimester workout Ready to join me? Let’s go! As you guys know I’m working on baby number three

I have two boys, working on the third one We get to find out soon if it’s a boy, or girl I’m really excited So, I wanted to put together quite a bit of videos for you guys to follow along For those of you who are planning on becoming mothers, if you’re first time mothers right now, if you’re beyond me and you’re on baby number five; we can all share together and learn from each other

I wanted to share a few of my tips A full body workout, safe, effective for first trimester So, let’s do it The first exercise I’m going to use a kettle bell Kettle bells are awesome

They’re not that expensive They’re space savers and you can use them at home There are a lot of different exercises you can use them with The first exercise I want to do is a combo This is more of a plie squat

Good for building the hips, range of motion, and then we’re going to add a pull at the top So, I’m going to do 10 of these Really good for increasing hip strength, glute strength, leg strength for labor You know you’re going to need that And a few more

Three Upright row Two, and one Second leg, exercise, we’re going to do a reverse lunge I’m going to hold my kettle bell in this arm and then reverse lunge back and tap up at the front

Reverse lunge I’m going to do 10 on each leg 8 Reverse lunge 7, 6, 5, 4, 3

Two more 2 Last one Good If you can’t go that deep, that’s okay

Also, the balance, I’ve noticed, totally changes when you’re pregnant All of a sudden you can’t stand on a straight line So take your time on these and make sure to breathe If you need a second, take a second to breathe and then jump back into the exercise Three more

2 Last one And 1 Good Those are two great exercises using the kettle bell

I have a 25lb here, but those are two great ones to utilize and, man, you can do so many great exercises with kettle bells Even if you have a 25, 35, 45; that’s all you would need The next one, I’m going to do a side squat This is going to come up over my head I’m going to go side to side, mixing up the angles on the legs

Up top, going again I’m going to do 10 4, 5 Make sure to breathe 6

That heartrate jumps up a lot faster than when you’re not preggo Five more Slowing things down, taking breaks when you need it Do it Two more

2 Last one 1, good I’m going to even it out, other side 10 on this side

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 Keep breathing 4 Keep those airways open Chest up

3 Two more 2 Last one Good

Great job Up, and over We’ll use that in a second We’re going to go to the stability ball After those first three exercises I would go a second round, probably three rounds

Just depending upon your endurance, your stamina You can extend to three, or four rounds on that That’s the leg circuit The leg piece, getting the heartrate up, as you can tell I am Then we can move into some upper body seated exercises

So, I have a set of 10s right here – a set of dumbbells I’m going to do a combo A bicep curl, shoulder press I like using the stability ball Trust me, the stability ball is actually awesome

Once you have the baby you can bounce the baby It’s a great investment for when you have baby You’ll use it now, but you’ll really use it in nine months, or six months However far along you are now All the way up

So, bicep curl, shoulder press I’m going to rotate and do a narrow press Bicep curl I’m going to do 10 of these Five more

5 Curl 4 Make sure to keep your posture up Sit up tall

3 Curl, press 2 Last one Curl and press, is 1

Okay, let’s just use one now We’re going to target the shoulders A front raise Posture up and you’re going to go just above the forehead, and back down We’ll do 10 of these

This is great just coming off your leg exercises It lets the heartrate come down a little bit, being seated Combining exercises that are going to be heartrate driven, and then give you a little break It’s important to plan a good workout like that Three more

3 Two more Squeezing the shoulders Last one And 1

Excellent Then I’m going to do a back exercise So, I will do a third exercise, and then I would put it in a tri-set So, I would go around, probably do two, or three sets of these three This is the third one

So, I’m going to go back to my barbell and I’m going to do an underhand grip bent-over row Bend over here and you’re pulling into the stomach Big stretch down, pull into the stomach Squeeze, pull the shoulder blades back, roll your shoulders back, and pinch 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3

Two more 2 Last one And 1 Good

There are a few great back exercises that you’re laying on your stomach, laying on a bench, or at a gym that maybe there’s a pad that you sit on I’ve found that I can’t breathe when I do those since it’s pressing against everything – pressing against my stomach and I can’t do those anymore So, this is a great replacement for that Yes, you’re bent over, but if you are going a good weight, and you’re performing the proper form you’ll feel it in your back, and you won’t feel like anything is compressing against your lungs, so you can’t breathe I would do the bicep curl shoulder press, the front raise, and then go into the back exercise as well

I perform that about two, to three rounds Like I said, depending upon your stamina, your endurance, your level of fitness before you got pregnant; this would not be a great routine, maybe one round and you’re tapping out That’s okay It’s all about increasing the heartrate, being healthy, and putting baby first Thanks for joining me, you guys

Congratulations to any of you out there who are watching and are pregnant as well I’d love to join in your journey Comment below, follow me on social media if you’d like I’m going to be sharing a lot about what I eat, a little exercise along the way, and obviously fun memes Who doesn’t love fun memes about being huge, and pregnant, and everything touching? So, it’s going to be a fun journey

But congratulations Comment below, check out ATHLEANXX for Women for more programs just like this one Thanks for joining me! I’m trainer Amy Jo Bye!


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