Great Gifts for a New Dad (or Dad-To-Be)

Dad snuggling new baby - gifts for a new dad

Whether it’s his first Father’s day or a gift to say ‘congratulations on fatherhood”, here are some of the most unique and thoughtful gifts for a guy becoming a dad.

Great Gifts for New Dads (or Dads-to-Be):

You Made Me a Dad book - gifts for a new dad

You Made Me a Dad Book

This a sweet story that both dads and kids will enjoy. It’s a beautifully illustrated book that takes a warm look at the joys, fears, and responsibilities of being a dad over the years. You can find it here.

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dad holding baby wearing Skip Hop diaper bag - father's day gifts

Skip Hop Paxwell Easy-Access Diaper Sling

The adjustable strap is easy to switch from the right or left side making this a go-to for days when you’re traveling a little lighter. (If you’re looking for something larger, they also have a backpack.) You can find it here.

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Tile tracker - gifts for new dads

Tile Pro

Pop it on keys, diaper bags strollers, kids (just kidding) or anything else that’s easy to lose when you’re sleep deprived. The Tile Pro has a 300 ft. range – that’s 2X Tile Mate. This durable, water-resistant tracker is also twice as loud, making it easier to find everything.  You can find it here.

child using car to trace numbers on his dad's T-shirt - father's day gift

Number tracing T-shirt

I will take 10 of these, please. They have the car playmat t-shirt as well. You can find them on Etsy.

Father of the Goddamn Year key tag - Father's day gift

Father of the Year Key Tag

This company makes hysterical mugs and cards as well but the key tag really stood out for me. You can find them at Sapling Press.

Pizza and slice t-shirt - Gift for new dads

Pizza & Slice T-Shirt Set

These father baby matching sets will never get old for me. Never! I like the ones that still work when they aren’t side-by-side. Pizza is always fun. You can buy them here.

Little Unicorn fly fishing swaddle
Little Unicorn Gone Fishing Swaddle

This company makes the most gorgeous prints on buttery soft muslin. I love this fly fishing one because it’s not too on the nose but still ties into a favorite pastime. (“Ties”… snort… you see what I did there?) You can shop them here.

Toilet timer

Toilet Timer

I think we all know a few phone scrolling bathroom hibernators who could use this. A subtle way to say, “shit or get off the pot, sir.”  You can shop them here.

Ergo Omni 360 baby carrier - Father's Day gift

Ergobaby Omni 360 Baby Carrier

I love seeing dads babywearing. Keeping comfort and street cred in mind, an Omni 360 is a great product that tends to work well for both mom and dad. I’ve shown the mesh version here because some guys tend to run hot (insert dad joke here) but they also come in regular fabric if you want everyone to be a bit toastier. You can find them here.

Chip Off The Old Block t-shirt

Chip Off The Old Block Matching Shirts

These are screen printed by hand on soft tees. I thought they looked really unique. You can buy them here.

DivvyUp face socks - Father's Day gift

Custom Socks from DivvyUp

Get a custom pair of socks with your baby’s face on them. You can get up to three faces so keep that in mind if you have quadruplets. 😉 Leave yourself at least 10 days for ordering. You can find them here.

dad holing baby in Tula bravo camo carrier

Tula Explore Baby Carrier

The version here is called, Bravo, but they also have an “Alpha” pattern. You can find them here.

Paperclip changing bag

Paperclip Changing Bag

If you’re looking for a REALLY nice diaper bag, I highly recommend Paperclip. Their bags do not skimp on quality or features – it even has an integrated change station. Check out our post on them to get more details. You can buy them on the Paperclip site – use the code PREGCHICK for 15% off.

Custom night sky print - gift for new dad

Custom Night Sky Print

These made to order prints feature the night sky on the date your children were born. I’ve shown the version that has three dates, but you can choose from a variety of set up. You have to print this yourself (they just send the .jpeg) but you can pop over to an office supply store to run off the bigger version and you don’t have to worry about it getting squished in the mail. You can shop all the options here.

Dad wearing Lalabu shirt with sleeping baby

Dad Shirt from Lalabu

The Lalabu Dad Shirt is the first babywearing shirt designed exclusively for dads. It’s a sporty V-neck t-shirt where you slide baby into a cozy pouch. You’re ready to roll with no learning curve — nothing to tie or wrap. You can find them here. Note: these are knocked off on Amazon so be careful what brand you buy – poor craftsmanship could be pretty scary on something like this.

DILF mug - Father's Day gift


Funny but subtle so it will go over the heads of most prude relatives. You can find them here.

Jar full of baby bonding activity tokens

Baby Bonding Activity Tokens

This little jar contains tokens like “read our favorite storybook”, “bubble blowing”, etc. to spark some ideas for daddy and baby. Might be fun to pair it with some of the props needs for the activities too. Here’s where to find them on Etsy.

Father holding child wearing Big and Little Dipper Tshirts gift for new dads

Big dipper/Little dipper shirts

I can’t even handle how adorable these t-shirts are. The little dipper comes in sizes as small as 3-6 months and goes up to whatever fits a 12 year old, making it the the perfect gift for new dads and old dads alike. You can find them here.

daddy and me personalized board book Father's day gift

Daddy & Me Personalized Board Book

Upload your favorite pictures and customize the text with large, easy-to-read type. You can find them on Pinhole Press for around $40.

daddy's little beard puller baby onesie

Daddy’s Little Beard Puller onesie

For those itty bitty hipsters in training. You can find this one on Etsy.

Reef flip flop bottle opener

Bottle Opener Flip Flops

Great for opening a cold one when you’re pinned under a sleeping baby. You can shop them here.

Half pint and pin father and baby shirt onesie

Pint and Half-pint t-shirt and onesie

I also love the Little House on the Prairie reference that some people may or may not get. You can find them on Etsy.

Baby having footprint taken

Unicef Birth Registration

If you’re looking for a gift that gives back, you can buy two birth registrations from Unicef. (I give these as birthday gifts too.) They are only $18 and you can buy them here.


Adopt an Anaconda

“My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun!” All kidding aside, charities are a wonderful gift for the guy that has everything. $55 WWF.

Let me know what else would make a great gift for a new dad!

Amazing list of gift ideas to give a new dad (or soon-to-be-dad). Everything from gifts from a wife to a first time dad to just plain funny. #fatherday #dadgift #husbandgift #newfather #daddygift

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