GRII Melb – Parenting Class Workshop 2017

Raising children and teens with healthy spiritual development has been a great challenge for every Christian family in this age especially in a secular country like Australia who have forgotten God and a pluralistic country, which comprises of various kinds of people often times we are ashamed when our children are unsettled in public for example, after church when they are tired and hungry they start to whimper and whine and many people witnessed when they are throwing tantrums then we scold our children because we felt we have been disadvantaged it is true that children are to obey their parents but what is our foundation and motivation when we demand good behaviour from our children? and when they fail, what is our response as Christian parents? during parents-teachers meetings not only do we ask of academic results but also on their behaviour in class towards friends and teachers once, when they were younger, one of them had to write an apology letter because he joined his friends and made fun of another student we felt ashamed as parents who are unable to discipline their children we are proud when our children have good behaviour but we are ashamed when it's the opposite we do not see whether they are obeying God's commandments or not then what is our motivation when we discipline our children for good behaviour? is it to keep their parent's reputations? our children, just like us are all sinners aren't all these things in vain? the high demand and needs to survive in this age often requires parents to work hard and pursue their career is it wrong for parents to pursue their career for survival for the family's honour or even wealth for their children's future that parents dream of or for God's glory? should fathers be the ones who work? or should mothers work too? how does the bible teaches parents in viewing the call to work and to serve in the family, society, and in church? what is the definition of success for parents? are successful parents defined by their children's achievements in academics, in sports, talent in music and well respected in their social environment and successful parents are not defined by the targets they set out to achieve but to succeed as a faithful tool in the hands of God Who is able to bring all good works for our children let us learn together as parents every last week in each month in Parenting Class, that is open for all


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