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>> An exciting thing about this group today, is that we have a lactation consultant Who has come to share her expertise with us

>> The best part is just the fact that it's other people Versus just being you and the doctor It's like you realize that it's other people that have similar questions To a lot of the same things you're going through in being pregnant >> Did everyone know that? That you could nurse 2 babies at a time? >> I'm able to, you know, identify with certain things that we've actually learned in the class

Or a suggestion that someone else has given She says, "Mom, you know this is happening here" I can reflect back and say, "Oh, remember the young lady that was in the group? She mentioned that she had the same thing" >> Alright so I'm going to start by examining your uterus here >> Okay

>> In the beginning you know You get the vitals and then you can listen to the heart beat And they ask if there's any questions or concerns you know that you may have So you get a chance to discuss that And sometimes they'll address it

And then sometimes they say "Well you know that might be a good topic for everybody" >> Sounds great >> Instead of a quick appointment with the doctor Where you're supposed to remember all your questions really fast

You have time to maybe think of things that you want answered >> I guess I never leave without my information or my questions answered >> ¿A través de la leche materna al bebé? >> Talking about the medication >> It's wonderful to know that they know we don't speak English And they always help provide an interpreter for us

So they can help us All the experiences I have been in, especially because this is my first pregnancy >> They are helping me because I don't know And I'm learning a lot from my classmates >> Now you have other pregnant people with you

It's like, "Oh, I have that same problem too So maybe let me tell you what I do with this" Versus you just going to ask the doctor And then the doctor is right there to also give you insight on what the other person has to say about the situation >> But there are ways to know your baby is getting enough to eat

>> You know, if you've got other people around as a support group I think it does make a difference within your pregnancy You know, you have that feeling that, "I'm not alone"


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