Happy Holidays + My Christmas Present (VLOG)

– Hello, everyone Welcome to the Yoga with Adriene Vlog

I'm Adriene, and I'm here today, to wish you a very happy holiday, whether you're celebrating Christmas, or Hanukkah, or the winter solstice, or if you're on a beach somewhere Just wishing you a very happy holiday! I wanted to say thank you again, because you can never say thank you too much Thank you so much for a wonderful year, for sharing all of your stories, and just being so warm It's particularly on the Youtube channel, I really am proud and—mic check, sorry—proud and honored and just thrilled that the community there is so warm, and honest It's really pleasant, and I think that's worth toasting to

I look forward to more of that in the new year I also wanted to say thank you to a couple of friends who so kindly sent me a couple of gifts, and I just want to show them to you because they're just so sweet, and I just wanted to give them a little "hello" and a shout-out I got this cool "Namaste" hanging from Melissa and Charles I actually should have ended with this, right? Namaste Or we can greet each other with this

Namaste, from my heart to yours "Namaste" means I'm awesome, you're awesome, we're awesome The best in me bows to the best in you The divine in me honors the divine in you It's a perfect thing to kind of mediate on at the end of the year, as we begin to kind of dream up what the next cycle is going to be

And, in fact, as I record this now, the solar moon, we're already into the new solar year So the new moon was just a couple days ago So we can already start beginning, you can already begin to start thinking of the things you want to do in the new year And cultivate whatever you need to cultivate to make that dream a reality, right? Conscious languaging, conscious thought, whether you write it down or think about it in the shower Or on the mat, or before a meal, or in the car

Just be aware of how powerful your words, your thoughts are as we begin to dream up 2015! Another thing I have here is from my dear friend Kelly Assandres I met Kelly, actually, in yoga studio at the gym many moons ago, and she's like a sister to me And her mom actually made this (sniffs) It smells like Kelly, too

So good She said that this reminded her of me because of the colors, and it looks like an old lady from the 20s wore it And I was like "thank you," I was actually flattered (laughs) Thank you so much, Kelly Thank you, Melissa and Charles, very sweet

First, I also want to mention 30 Days of Yoga I'm sure you've heard about it, but just another reminder that it's coming up It's free, it's going to be awesome

It's 30 days of free yoga videos to help you kick-start the year And it will be available on throughout So if you're traveling or you're like "I'm just not ready to start on January 1st or January 2nd," then that's OK, you can start and move at your own pace, because it's really there to empower you to create a home practice, and to get back to you The link for that is down below Make sure you check it out, sign up if you like

I look forward to seeing how that goes with everyone, and connecting globally It's going to be so awesome! Seriously, so cool! So as you know, Chris and Hyla welcomed a baby to the world just a couple of months ago We also just released our prenatal yoga package, which would be a great Christmas gift or a great thing to give anyone in your life that you know is pregnant, expecting, we'll put a link for that down below, too And in that splog I'm just happy to report that their baby is alive and happy and healthy and so cute! So whether you're pregnant or not, you might want to hop over there and just get caught up just for fun And again, keep that in your tool bag as a lovey present for somebody who's expecting

That said, speaking of babies, I got one more present to show you We shot a bunch of yoga last Friday, I went and did some shopping, I hold an annual ladies party, which is really lovely We actually do it in the yoga room It's very sweet, all women, connecting So I was shopping for the holiday party, came home and there was a box underneath this tree

My sweetheart said "Open the box It's your "Christmas present, it's early, and it's for the party" And I'm thinking, "Oh cool, punch decanters!" "How lovely, darling!" And I open the box and this is what was inside of it "Hello" So, Yoga With Adriene community, I'd love to introduce you to Benjamin, Ben, maybe Benji? Still very new, six weeks old He's a blue heeler, his mom and dad were both blue heelers He looks a lot like my "Blue" When I sent the picture of Benji to my dad, he said "how do you mend a broken heart?" (dog whimpering) I was not expecting to get a puppy but it's the most kind gesture and very sweet, and again, the world works in mysterious ways, right my friends? You're like "I want to go back down and play with my toy

" Well say hello, just say hello now Just say hello to the world All right, so I just figured we had to get this out of the way, and so here you go Merry Christmas, everyone! Happy New Year! I love you so much, I'm so grateful for the community, and I cannot wait to see what we do together in the new year Be kind to one another

Keep it warm Chill when you need to, and then let's get active in the new year, all right? Happy Holidays from Benji and I, from Austin, Texas, and from Yoga with Adriene, We love you guys Take care Namaste


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