Holistic Prenatal Philosophy at Lumina Massage Inc.

Hey everyone,Michelle here at Lumina Massage and I am getting ready for my next prenatal massage So, as you can see behind me I have the lights nice and dim and they are ready I have the bed all prepped up for mommy-to-be

So with prenatal massage it really is an entire experience here at Lumina Massage we contact your OB office we look after your diet and your fitness goals as well Really what we want to do here is just take kind of overall look at your pregnancy and make sure that you're having a satisfactory and healthy pregnancy we network with fellow midwives and doulas right here in Miami so you have an amazing network If you're not happy with your OB doctor then I would be happy to refer a new one so we are deeply immersed in the birthing and natural birthing or whatever your choice is with your pregnancy, just know that when you come to Lumina Massage you are supported holistically: mind, body and spirit in all aspects because we want to make sure that you are nice and strong and have a successful birth Thank you so much and again this is Michelle at Lumina Massage if you have any questions or would like to set up your own prenatal session contact (305)570-0576 or you can just schedule at luminamassagecom for your upcoming holistic prenatal session see you soon

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