How Ashlea dealt with postnatal anxiety and depression

I'm Ashlea, I'm 25 years old and I'm a single parent to my two year old, Alfie and I live in Trinity Gardens, Adelaide It's just Alfie and I that are here

I found out that I was going to be a parent just after I finished my degree and three weeks before my graduation I guess it was good though because I wasn't in the middle of a career or a job that needed my time, I could just go and have a baby I was stressing about breastfeeding and I had ideas about how it was going to be and it was just going to be easy Breastfeeding is not easy, I struggled for the first month and then after that I had feelings of anxiety come up I pushed through it and I kind of regret doing that because I ended up not OK

I think the best thing I did for myself was stop I didn't know that I had postnatal depression or anxiety until Alfie was four months old Every time I was breastfeeding I was do not touch me, do not talk to me and I was very dismissive And I was starting to feel a bit distant I ended up going to the doctor and he was like 'It sounds like you've got postnatal anxiety and depression and we're going to get you to see a counsellor, maybe put you on some medication see how you go with that' and I think for me just knowing what was actually happening and not feeling disjointed really helped

And then once I knew what was going on it was a lot easier to overcome that For me it's just been all about eating healthy, being active, getting out of the house most days Do your research, maybe stay off Google, only go on Government health sites, because otherwise you can go down the rabbit hole and stress yourself out Talking to other young parents and once your child's born going to parent's groups, mother's groups and just creating a community of people that you can ask questions Ask your parents what they went through

Ask anyone who has a child, they don't have to be a young parent, just talk to parents Because someone will be able to give you that tiny little bit of advice that will save your sanity Because, trust me, I've gotten some little tidbits here and there and they've saved my sanity quite a lot


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