How Can a Parenting Plan Help With Child Arrangements?

If you as parents were able to reach an agreement regarding arrangements for your children it can often be helpful to set that out in writing so as to avoid confusion in the future and that can be done in a document known as a parenting plan There is no set format quite often you'll find a pro forma online and it can set out arrangements for the children as to where they should spend their time, what should happened during school holidays and other more specific issues such as pocket money, buying birthday and Christmas presents

A lot of parents tell me that it's helpful because it sets boundaries and guidelines and everybody understands arrangements and avoids the need for unnecessary conflict in future It may be more important for parents to have a parenting plan if they perceive maybe issues arising in the future To have that set out just clarifying matters can certainly assist in avoiding any issues arising in the future which is beneficial for parents and for the children as well


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