How Do I Tell My Family We’re Pregnant?

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Fun Ideas to Share the Pregnancy News

The pregnancy test is positive and you’re excited to share the news, but you want to do it in a memorable and exciting way. Whether you serve a cake with pink and blue swirls on the inside or send out a formal announcement, there are many fun ways to share with your family and friends that you will be welcoming a new addition to the family.

Throw a “Small” Party

Invite everyone over for a party, but serve everything in tiny portions – sliders instead of burgers, baby carrots, and everything else in mini, bite-sized portions. For dessert you can serve mini-cheesecakes, some with raspberries on top and some with blueberries.  Hang a banner that reads something such as “Thank you for coming to our small party – because we have BIG news to share with you!” Decorate with pink and blue carnations and it won’t take long for everyone to understand the reason to celebrate.

Have a Move Night

If you can get a video of your ultrasound, invite your family over for a movie night and place buckets of popcorn out, along with candies such as Baby Ruth candy bars, Sugar Daddies, and Sugar Babies. If you don’t have an ultrasound movie to share, you can always make your own home movie of you announcing the pregnancy.

Celebrate for the Holidays

If you’re announcing near the holidays, there are several ways you can include your big news in the gift giving season.

  • Give an ornament that says Baby’s First Christmas
  • Sign gifts from you and your baby
  • Hang a miniature stocking along with the rest

Craving a Celebration

Let your family know you’d like to bring dessert one evening for everyone to share. Show up with selections of ice cream and a giant jar of pickles. You can also bring along a stack of bibs to pass out to everyone with the treats.

Let the Wardrobe Say it All

Have t-shirts or hats screen-printed with the announcement, such as the expected due date. If this is not your first child, get a shirt that reads Big Brother (or Sister)! and wait for grandparents or other family members to realize the surprise.

Act it Out

Invite family over to play some games and pull out your specially planned Charades. You can make sure that all of the options have something to do with “baby”.

  • Movies titles such as: Knocked Up, Juno, Nine Months, She’s Having a Baby, or any others you think will get the message across
  • Phrases such as: Bun in the Oven, Sleepless Nights, Sleeping Like a Baby, Labor Day, etc.

Give a Goodnight Story

Take your favorite childhood stories or find some new favorites in the baby section of the bookstore and inscribe each with:

I can’t wait for you to read this as my bedtime story! Love, (Your Grandchild, Your Cousin, etc.)

Sharing the news of your pregnancy is a joyous time. Don’t forget to pack the camera or video record the reactions to your news. One day you’ll be able to look back with your child and share the excitement that everyone felt when they realized they were going to have another member of the family.


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