How I Beat Postpartum Depression – 3 Tips for Healing

hey guys! Shawn here Welcome to PrayerLights

If you are new, this channel is all about faith and motherhood Alright so today's video is on how I overcame postpartum depression and anxiety through help with medication and my family So if you are struggling with postpartum depression and you are looking for ways to overcome it then keep watching because I have some suggestions and tips for you All right so make sure to go back and watch the first video of the series about how I was diagnosed with postpartum depression if you are wondering if you are depressed or not Serious heavy stuff

You guys alright so what steps did I go through to get a diagnosis of postpartum depression? I went to my family doctor and she went through all these questions and she made her diagnosis and said "hey uh you're depressed" and then she suggested medication and counseling So I did receive counseling and I did go on medication And so it's different for everybody I think different people are prescribed different things In all clarity and honesty here, I was prescribed Zoran

whoo! I never want to be on that stuff again It took a couple of days of adjustment I felt like a zombie for a couple of days but then I did feel like over time it did help me a lot I feel like I could concentrate better I wasn't as sad

I felt more focused on what I was doing and I really helped feel like the medication helped me get out of the funk I'm not a person who takes a lot of medication for stuff So I was on it for about six months Now I do recommend- if you are on medication- don't stop taking it without the approval of your doctor That's the wrong way to do that

So make sure if you go off of a medication like Zofran that you get your doctor's approval because they have to take you off of it slowly over time Alright so besides medication what else did I do to overcome my depression? Well I got back into yoga I started putting things back into my life that I enjoyed and being intentional about it So even though I didn't feel like I wanted to do those things in my life anymore You know I didn't want to do yoga

I didn't want to hang out with friends you know I just wanted to sit on the couch and watch TV and and keep my baby alive I needed to do those things for my health and to get over being depressed I found a yoga studio and I started practicing yoga with a class -with a group of people not just at home by myself I quit my job

I quit my job I don't know if that was part of the depression aspect of it or the healing aspect of it cuz it all kind of happened at the same time But when I quit my job it was hard because I wasn't around adults I was just around this tiny human again I started selling Scentsy candles

I don't sell those anymore but I started selling things just so I could have house parties so that I could have adult interaction That helped tremendously I also got involved in my local mom's group I didn't know anybody but I met some amazing amazing women who were also part of that group and we hung out with our kids the same age so that helped tremendously I probably did playdates once a week or moms groups once a week and that got me out of the house again until interaction and I could talk about this stuff

I found out that other women were depressed as well and on medication and it was so liberating to know that I wasn't the only one experiencing this postpartum depression And so slowly over time I began to heal Then the the third part of this is support from my husband I could not have gotten over my depression- I wouldn't even been diagnosed with this- without his help Thank you so much dearest husband for noticing that I wasn't acting myself

Just making intentional quality time to spend with him we started hiking again We started going to parks We started having fun again but I had to be intentional Even if you're on medication or you decide medication is not for you, I think being intentional- putting those things back into your life that bring you joy, going to church, being around other Christians who can lift me up- that was tremendously helpful as well so do get back into the things that you enjoy even if you feel guilt at first for something not involving your baby

You need that time away from your baby You really do You need that time to work on yourself because a healthy mother is a healthy baby Healthy mother a healthy baby I encourage you- if you are currently experiencing postpartum depression- I feel you

I understand what you're going through Get yourself out there Make a plan Write down your goals of the things that you used to enjoy: writing, drawing, art, whatever it is find that thing that used to bring you joy and do it again Set aside intentional time, weekly, daily

Getting some physical exercise now that makes a huge difference It really can help bring the positivity back and chase away that depression I just had baby girl 11 months ago Am I currently depressed? That's coming up in the next video so come back next week to find out the conclusion of my depression story series I know a very depressing topic

I hope that you were encouraged in some way by my story Don't forget to subscribe while you are here and I will see you in the next video Thanks for watching Bye!


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