How lifestyle and stress affects your fertility // Premium Prenatal and Preconception Supplements

We all know that poor lifestyle choices like smoking and drinking too much alcohol and poor dietary choices are bad for our health, but did you know they can also affect your fertility? Hi, I’m Nikki Warren Your fertility naturopath

And the truth is that it’s the guys AND the girls that need to be looking at their health habits for a healthy and successful pregnancy In fact, studies show that a deficiency of folate can lead to sperm aneuploidy, which means a sperm with abnormal chromosomes, and that can be a reason why a woman miscarries or experiences recurrent miscarriage Stress in men has been shown to reduce sperm count and has been associated with miscarriage in women What you do in the months prior to conception greatly affects your chances of conception, the health of your pregnancy and ultimately the health of your baby So, now is the time to clean up your diet, take a close look at your environment and get rid of those bad habits so you’re giving you and your partner the best chance at a healthy pregnancy and baby

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