How Often Should I Get Schedule a Prenatal Massage

Hi everyone this is Michelle from Lumina Massage and today I want to help you understand how to schedule your prenatal massages A common misconception when a woman gets pregnant that she only has to have a prenatal massage one time this is something that our society has embraced but it is erroneous and I will explain to you why

During a pregnancy a woman's body changes everyone knows that however the musculature within the woman's body and how her weight shifts is really primary in understanding why she needs a prenatal massage throughout her pregnancy now you're thinking well maybe I can get one or two but you would be erroneous and thinking that as well so i'm going to break down to you the best most effective way to get prenatal massages and how to plan them out during your pregnancy the first trimester which includes 13 weeks you only want to get a massage once a month so once a month for the 13 weeks is fine work with a prenatal practitioner that has experience giving first trimester massages with pregnant women that's very important the second trimester which is weeks 13 to 26 you want to start getting your prenatal massages twice a month every two weeks the reason for this is because the belly is growing and your body weight is shifting as your body weight shifts you have certain muscles primarily in your hips and your gluteals in your thighs that start to contract that constant contraction causes lower back pain and possibly sciatica so you want to start increasing your prenatal massage frequency in the third trimester which is the very last you're almost at the home stretch you want to start coming in once a week for your prenatal massages this is the time that your body will experience the most discomfort physically and the massages will provide relief for you and will allow you to be in tune with your body it will also prepare you in order to give birth whether you're doing a c-section or whether you are giving birth naturally it does a lot of things on an emotional level and on a physical level as well you can focus on the round ligament and extending that and stretching them out around the tummy area again you want to work with the practitioner that understands how to work with a pregnant body you can do a lot of work around the ribcage area as well and of course continue to work in the hip to gluteal region and again you want to make sure that you work with somebody who is certified and experienced with working with the prenatal clientele so once again as a recap first trimester once a month second trimester every two weeks and third trimester once a week this schedule should also be aligned with the amount of time that you're spending with your OB doctor or your Midwife so everything comes aligned and I promise you that keeping up with your prenatal massages will make your pregnancy oh so much better again this is Michelle from Lumina Massage if you have any questions please feel free to email me the website is luminamassagecom thank you and I look forward to seeing you soon


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